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Photos from the Newham Meeting on the 18th February 2012
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NoToMob Videos
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As photographed by me today now the rain has gone.
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Marmite noticed this bus stop on one of the recent schunts we have been on. :o :o :o  He would love to know how the bus driver can stop here legally  W:T:F: W:T:F:
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On way to the meet on the 3rd December 2011, I just happened to look down Clover Street as passing it and guess what we saw. :o ;D So we continued to the meet and let  know we were going back to double check what we saw. dr00L  :dancing: Yes the ccth car was there so out came the phone and a pic was taken and as if by magic the car then started to move. :pmsl: :pmsl: Too late the pic had been taken. :rotfl:

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What it says on the tin
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pics from around bexly
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My area of activity is the Chatham Buzz $tation.
I do a little $hunting here while waiting for the bus or if I'm just passing by as a pedestrian or cyclist.
This album / Folder is for my photo's images dealing specifically with Medway St and Globe Lane / Waterfront Way.
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5am And i'm wide awake.. Nothing on the telly... so.....

Didn't want to waste the time so fire up Photoshop and got to work..

Full Size available here pdf & jpeg 600kb jpeg 600kb jpeg

All the images and PDF's can be found in this folder.


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$cars etc behaving outrageously...
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