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Title: Let's see how good Hackney are....
Post by: Kill Switch on 20 December, 2013, 07:54:51 PM
Got into my car this evening and noticed I'd been given a ticket, the bloody adhesive that held my reidents permit in place had failed and the permit had fallen into the door pocket.

I shall appeal and find out if Hackney are all about the money as the PPC's are, or if they can see sense.

I'll let you know
Title: Re: Let's see how good Hackney are....
Post by: EDW2000 on 20 December, 2013, 09:26:39 PM
You left the permit on display and a car bumped in to your vehicle so you are blameless.

Case Reference:   2120498917
Appellant:   Mrs Maxine Tina Ryan
Authority:   Newham
VRM:   X708NHJ
PCN:   PN0606732A
Contravention Date:   29 Mar 2012
Contravention Time:   13:17
Contravention Location:   Stamford Road
Penalty Amount:   £130.00
Contravention:   In a disabled bay without disabled badge
Decision Date:   24 Oct 2012
Adjudicator:   Edward Houghton
Appeal Decision:   Allowed
Direction:   cancel the Penalty Charge Notice and the Notice to Owner.
Reasons:   Having heard the Appellant and her husband in person in great detail I am left in no doubt at all that their evidence as to what occurred is correct. In brief summary  the vehicle was parked with the badge displayed in what might call a heavy metal security case secured  to the vehicle's steering wheel. Unfortunately the vehicle was bumped by another vehicle and caused the badge in its holder to fall off the dashboard. The Appellant's husband  has produced photographs of the damage and describes a telephone call to his brokers who advised him that it would not be worth claiming in view of his excess.

  At the time of the observation it is clear that the badge was not displayed in accordance with the regulations.  As with tax discs, permits and required documentation of all kinds the law is simply that the necessary document has to be displayed and if it is not a criminal offence or contravention, as the case may be, will occur: Strowger v John 1974 RTR 124. However the High Court in that case specifically left open the question of whether this would be so in a case of theft; and it seems to me that similar considerations apply to any failure to display arising purely as the result of an unlawful act of a third party. In my view the vehicle is not in contravention in these very unusual circumstances ( and I would add that had it been so it would be a compelling case for the exercise of discretion in any event). The Appeal is therefore allowed.
Title: Re: Let's see how good Hackney are....
Post by: The Bald Eagle on 21 December, 2013, 12:31:49 PM
I think we already know the answer to "is it all about the money?" KS. :bashy:

And this after all the help you gave them by inspecting their accounts and advising them how to put things right!

Let's wait and see, but I wouldn't be holding my breath if I were you mate.
Title: Re: Let's see how good Hackney are....
Post by: Kill Switch on 11 January, 2014, 02:19:18 PM
Right, Hackney council can fuck right off!!

Next time we do their accounts and there's the slightest screw up, I'll be putting my own objection to the district auditor, and it'll be a cold fucking day in hell before I withdraw it,
Title: Re: Let's see how good Hackney are....
Post by: Ewan Hoosami on 11 January, 2014, 03:32:23 PM
The council have invested in some Kill Switch toilet paper. It's rough, it's tough and it takes no shit from the parking weasels.