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Title: Damage due to potholes
Post by: bigdog on 30 May, 2014, 07:00:39 PM
Hello again boys and girls - great to see you still doing a great job! Any advice anyone can give regarding damage to private vehicle due to badly maintained road,  in short a pothole that cracked and put a flat spot in an  expensive alloy wheel and burst the tyre. Claim number was given at the time  - chap at council said how many reports there had been about the pot hole and was sympathetic.  Claim rejected as apparantly council only needs to check road once a year and  they were happy they  had a resonable defence should I wish to take them to court over what ended up costing £300.

Appreciate this is a bit off topic but wondered if anyone had any advice on how to proceed or should I just drop it?

Title: Re: Damage due to potholes
Post by: The Bald Eagle on 31 May, 2014, 10:52:23 AM
An FoI request to ask whether the pothole had been reported prior to your incident may reveal that the council had prior knowledge of the pothole's existence and I believe that would be the proof you need to sustain your claim in court.

You should also ask for a copy of the annual inspection report on the state of the road where this happened, to see if it turns anything up.

A word with some locals is not a bad idea either. It wouldn't surprise me if one of them hadn't already complained if the pothole is THAT big. :o