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Title: Harrow - Traffic Trap
Post by: pinnerite on 08 April, 2019, 05:31:46 PM
On Sunday 24 March 2019 I was helping with my grandchildren at the Harrow Leisure Centre. I was/am unfamiliar with it since the access was revamped years ago.

When I went to leave I found myself trapped and had to leave via what turned out to be Byron Road.

Apparently I had ended up in a bus lane but could not tell because I was already over the signs painted on the road.

The video clip  supplied by the Council clearly shows the empty road and sadly me, trying to escape! (

I am convinced that this is an intended trap to raise money. It could be better signed.

Many others have been caught the same way it appears. some o this website. A Harrow sub-forum might help concentrate them in future.

Just a thought.