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Title: $chunt report 24/04/2011
Post by: Marmite on 24 April, 2011, 04:40:07 PM
We were returning home in our car and we came across none other than a $camera car going the opposite direction, We followed in the car through Rainaham to almost the border of swale but then it turned around and went the other way.  We rushed straight home got the bike out of chains and got into the leathers.  DD went to the chatham Honey Pot whilst Myself and son sat at Gillingham as they would have to visit one of them.  I got the lucky escape as after approx 7 mins around the corner came this small white and black vehicle ..... the crew of the car looked very happy to see us in (not)  We pulled straight out behind and began the assist, or thats what we thought.  We then went past all the normal places and straight to the Medway tunnel, passed Hoo towards Grain, we then turned left towards High Halstow and through lots of the Medway country side including Cliff and Cooling.  I'm not sure how parking was being enforced and most roads did not have any markings and we failed to stop at any point during the ride apart from junctions etc.  We only assisted for about 50 Min's as after this we found our self back at the pen..... Not what I was hoping for as we had our own camera equipment with us, but i suppose it was a nice ride out in the sun for nearly an
Title: Re: $chunt report 24/04/2011
Post by: Monkey Girl on 24 April, 2011, 09:47:15 PM
Well done...I saw you pass  in Cliffe today and now know you have  :pmsl: (CSD)  :pmsl:

Great stuff guys  ;D......see you out there soon... :aplude: