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Title: $chunt report 10/06/11
Post by: spica on 11 June, 2011, 09:35:13 PM
met at the pen with mg and tomtom at 1845.

we waited around till 1900 when an iq came out to play, but sadly, as soon as he saw us he shot back in again. :D lol but five minutes later the other iq comes out. woop woop
did the tour of chatham gillingham rochester rainham. had an interesting sight that mg appreciated from a chap in gillingham. lol
sadly my bike threw a tantrum and dumped its coolant outside a pub.... handy. lol as this was happening some guys came over and we chatted about the good we do and that they have been "hounded" by the cars. at this point the car pulls off followed my the dynamic duo in their quest for whats right.... pooow baaaaam.... bif!!!!
a few minutes later they all come back.. mg pulls in and asks whats up. tomtom is still on the heels of the $car. mg and i move closer to the pub with the bikes so i can have strong words with mine while i show it "whos the man" with mgs big blade... at this point the friendly locals come out to say hi. tomtom came back after he assisted the iq home. i was then given a huge jug of water to top up the sulky mare.
im sure mg and tomtom can add some more as it was a long one and i forget some things as my memory isn't like it used to ....