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It's about time that one of these parking companies is taught a lesson. Perhaps others will take note!
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Blue badge holder fined after parking in disabled spot for just 83 seconds

Garry White was eventually awarded £1000 in costs and damages

Garry White was issued a fine for parking in a disabled zone, despite showing officials his blue badge

A man has opened up on his two-year ordeal after he was issued a fine for parking in a disabled zone, despite showing an enforcement officer his blue badge.

Garry White parked up at the Midland Way Retail Park in Radford for less than two minutes in 2018 while he left his car to read a parking entrance sign.

But as he turned around the 53 year old, who lived in Eastwood at the time, was shocked to see a private parking enforcement officer writing him up a ticket.

He says he showed the parking enforcement officer his blue badge - confirming that he had the right to park in a disabled zone - before being told that he would still have to pay a fine.

As a person suffering with spinal stenosis - which Gary describes as arthritis in his back - he often has trouble walking. 83 seconds passed in total between Garry leaving his car and being given a ticket, he claims.

Garry, who now lives in Ilkeston, said: "Basically I drove in and when I drove in I wasn't aware there was an entrance sign and that said 'private land' but obviously you can't stop as you're driving so I carried on driving and parked up.

"So I walked up to the sign, I'm disabled so I was a bit slow and methodical, and I walked over to the sign to read it, looked back and there was a guy ticketing my car.

"On a video from my dash-cam you can see it was 83 seconds between me leaving my car and them ticketing me.

"So I went back to the car with my blue badge in my hand - if you go to some places like Asda, if you just show them your badge they leave you alone.

"So I'm showing him my badge and he says that I would be going to CCJ [County Court Judgement] if I didn't pay it.

"Basically I just thought this is nonsense, got in my car and drove off.

"It was about a week later I got a letter through the post - this was in February 2018 and basically it just rumbled on from there.

"I've got my badge, I sent them a copy of it and they just wrote back saying 'appeal rejected. We know you have a badge but you should have displayed it.

"The court case had to be delayed because I've had issues with my spine and I had to have a hip replacement."

The initial fine of £60 eventually reached more than £200 by the time Garry found himself in court.

A judge at Derby Combined Court Centre eventually dismissed the claims made by the private parking company, Vehicle Control Services, when Garry showed dash-cam footage of the incident that happened not far from the University of Nottingham.

Following months of delays the matter was finally resolved in the county court, where Garry was awarded £1,000 in costs and damages.  <dancingbanana> <dancingbanana2> <dancingbanana> <dancingbanana2> :party: <Woohooo>

A general view of Midland Way Retail Park

"Finally it went ahead about three weeks ago via video link on the computer," he said.

"I sent the court a link to this video that I uploaded on Youtube.

"It took the judge less than ten minutes to dismiss the claim."

He added: "It went on for two-and-a-half years, it was just ridiculous."

The Government's rules on Blue Badges states: "The Blue Badge scheme helps those with severe mobility problems who have difficulty using public transport to park close to where they need to go."

Vehicle Control Services have been approached for comment but did not respond to requests from Nottinghamshire Live.
26th October 2021
Council part owns car park at centre of row over unpaid fine

Exclusive by Bev Holder
Chief Reporter / Data Investigations Reporter

The car park in Crown Lane, Stourbridge.

A STOURBRIDGE car park at the centre of a dispute about an unpaid fine is part owned by the council, the News can reveal.

The pay and display car park in Crown Lane is operated by Birmingham based Premier Parking Logistics which carries out parking enforcement duties including the issuing of fines to motorists caught without a valid ticket.

But part of the land used for the car park is owned by Dudley Council, it has been confirmed.

The council has described the area it owns as just a ‘sliver’ and councillor Karen Shakespeare, the authority's cabinet member for public realm, stressed: "We do not lease any land to Premier Parking Logistics, whose private car park lies adjacent to a free council car park."

A map shows the part of the car park in Crown Lane that is owned by Dudley Council

The area of council-owned land is not currently leased to anyone.

Local authority bosses have not revealed who the neighbouring landowner is but Land Registry documents list a company called Sedley Estates Limited based in Sutton Coldfield as the owner. PPL would not confirm the name of the individual or company it operates on behalf of. It is believed PPL operates on behalf of a leaseholder rather the land owner.

The car park has been at the centre of a legal row between PPL and retired magistrate and town trader Clive Sowerby who runs Sowerby’s Shoes in Lower High Street.

Mr Sowerby uses the carpark almost daily and on one occasion in October 2019 he found himself with a £60 parking fine - issued for failure to pay the correct amount.

Clive Sowerby in front of the Crown Lane car park

The veteran small business owner, whose shop has been in the town for around 50 years, said he hadn’t realised the daily fee had increased from £4 to £4.50 and he assumed a letter to the parking company explaining the accidental oversight would see the parking charge notice overturned.

However, some weeks later he received a letter saying the parking charge had increased to £160. Incensed that a mistake over 50p could result in such a fine, the former Black Country magistrate decided to take a stand and said he’d let the matter be decided by a court.

But after the pandemic hit he heard nothing more and assumed the matter had been forgotten about.

However, in January 2021 he received notification that a CCJ had been issued by the court in his absence - as he had not seen or responded to an earlier court summons which was sent to his business address during the Covid national lockdown that was imposed after Christmas 2020.

He said due to government stay at home advice, he had not been visiting his shop regularly and only picked up the documents after the deadline to respond.

After news of his situation made headlines, however, he wrote to the court to have the judgment set aside and was granted the opportunity to put his case forward. He has since submitted his mitigating circumstances and is awaiting an update from the court.

A spokesman for parking company PPL said the court documents had been sent to an address provided by Mr Sowerby and the company stressed it had only ever issued parking charge notices to motorists parked without a valid ticket on the section of the car park that is in private ownership.

Mr Sowerby said he could not recall where his car was parked on the day he received the fine but PPL has insisted he was parked on the privately owned side.

The car park, opposite the exit route from the Tesco Extra car park, however, gives no indication the council owns any part of the land. There are no signs to show that on one side motorists could park for free without the need to buy a ticket.

Cllr Shakespeare said the council had received confirmation from the enforcement company that no tickets would be issued on the council owned land and she added: "We have also contacted the owner of the remainder of the land a number of times to look at how manage the site in the future so it is clear for people parking there and we are still awaiting a response.”

Cllr Karen Shakespeare

She previously told the News the council would put up signage and mark out the council-owned spaces "to clearly differentiate between the private car park and the free council spaces" - although this has not yet happened - and she went on to add: "There is currently no charge for parking on the council owned land, and any charges made for parking on our land, or enforcement action taken out against users of these spaces, is illegal and does not stand."

General No To Mob Discussion / £100 "fine" for 20p underpayment in private car park
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Father, 38, hit with a £273 debt collection notice and threatened with court action over a 20p discrepancy in a car park ticket he’d already offered to PAY

Lee Taylor, 38, from Normanby, North Yorkshire, was 20p short of parking fee
He and his wife accidentally paid the weekly rate rather than the Saturday tariff on their trip to a soft play centre
When they were sent a £100 fine, they contacted Euro Car Parks, who own the car park, offering to pay the 20p difference
After not paying the initial fine, they were threatened with court proceedings
Euro Car Parks said requests for all appeals must be made in writing


PUBLISHED: 10:46, 5 November 2021 | UPDATED: 20:20, 5 November 2021

A father-of-five was served with a £273 debt collection notice and threatened with court action after accidentally paying for the incorrect parking ticket which was 20p short of the actual tariff.

Lee Taylor, 38, from Normanby, North Yorkshire, was given the penalty charge after parking in a private car park when he took his family to a soft play centre on July 17, 2021.

He paid £3.30 for what he thought was four hours of parking at the Redcar car park owned by Euro Car Parks.

When a £100 fine dropped through the letter box weeks later, the leakage technician and his wife Laura realised they had paid the Monday to Friday price instead of the Saturday price of £3.50 - 20p more expensive - and that the £3.30 only covered three hours of parking.

Mr Taylor says they contacted Euro Car Parks to appeal, offering to pay the 20p difference.

Lee Taylor, 38, from Normanby, North Yorkshire, was served with a £273 debt collection notice and threatened with court action after accidentally paying for the incorrect parking ticket which left him 20p short

But the couple received no response from the company, he claims, until another notice arrived to say the fine had been increased as he had not paid the original fine.

Euro Car Parks, which operates more than 1,000 car parks across the UK, Ireland and Europe, requests for all appeals to be made in writing.

A few weeks later, the company sent Mr Taylor another letter containing a £273 debt collection notice and also threatened court action.

The West Dyke Road car park, owned by Euro Car Parks, where Mr Taylor and his family parked in the summer

Mr Taylor told Teesside Live: 'I realised I had made a genuine mistake and had paid the Monday to Friday price instead of the Saturday price of £3.50 which meant I was short by 20p.

'I received no change from the machine to indicate we had only paid for three hours.

'There was no way of contacting this company direct and it said to appeal we must do this in writing which we did explaining the mistake and offering to pay what we owed.

'We received no correspondence from Euro Car Parks until a few weeks later when they stated the fine had increased because we hadn’t paid in a certain time.

'Again we appealed in writing stating we hadn’t received anything back from our appeal.

'Another few weeks passed with nothing then suddenly we received a letter from a debt company telling us the debt had been passed onto them and we must now pay £273 off or face court proceedings.

'We contacted the debt company and they basically said there is no way of appealing this anymore and we either paid it or face court.'

Mr Taylor paid £3.30 for what he thought was four hours of parking. However, as Saturday tariffs were 20p more expensive, he had only paid for three hours of parking and was then sent a fine weeks later

Mr Taylor said he and his wife, who have used the Redcar car park before without issues, have 'tried everything to resolve this'.

He added: 'We have been totally ignored.

'I feel this is all a way of these companies exploiting and scaring people into paying these unreasonable fees.

'This has caused us much distress and I would hate it to happen to lots of other people.'

Mr Taylor said he and his wife usually pay for parking at the West Dyke Road car park by phone but on that occasion paid using cash.

MailOnline has approached Euro Car Parks for comment.

Confusing parking sign replaced after complaints from angry drivers
Visitors to Parallel Parking Ltd's Mansfield Street car park were fined - despite paying to park

ByDave Owen
05:00, 1 NOV 2021UPDATED07:39, 3 NOV 2021

Parking warning - A large new sign has gone up at the city centre's Mansfield Street car park after Parallel Parking Ltd came under fire from motorists

A company at the centre of a car parking row in Leicester has responded to criticism by installing a new sign offering clearer instructions to drivers.

Visitors to Parallel Parking ltd's Mansfield Street car park, behind Belgrave Gate, claimed confusion at a pay-and-display machine led them to be unfairly fined.

They include Kanti Lad, from Wigston, whose family contacted LeicestershireLive after he was sent a Parking Charge Notice ordering him to pay £100.

His son said his 65-year-old father had bought a ticket from the machine at the privately run car park, next to that at the rear entrance of the city's Argos store, on May 20, this year.

He was issued with a ticket by the machine but, to his surprise, he was sent a letter informing him he owed the firm £100 because he failed to input his car registration number correctly.

Mr Lad's son said that the lack of information on the pay-and-display ticket, and the fact that the £1.50 ticket was issued, meant his father would have had no idea he's made a costly mistake.

"How would they even know if they made mistake entering it if the number is not displayed?" he said.

Another driver, also from Wigston, fell foul of the same pay-and-display machine earlier this month.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said: "I was visiting the city centre for work on October 7. I parked in the car park behind Argos.

"When I put my money into the machine it issued me a ticket straight away.

"So I thought everything was fine - well why wouldn't I?

"I did think it was a bit odd it gave me the ticket without asking me to enter my registration number but I know that is how other car parks operate."

She added: "That's why I was shocked when I received a parking fine from Parallel Parking through the post telling me I owned them £100.

"I thought this is ridiculous but decided to pay the reduced amount of £60 and then appealed."

Her appeal was dismissed, however, with the ruling insisting it was her responsibility to tap in her car registration.

She said: "Surely, if I'd made a mistake then it shouldn't have issued me my ticket. Because it did, I had not idea.

"I think it's incredibly unfair. But when I tried to clear things up with Parallel Parking there was no way of getting in touch with them."

The offending pay-and-display machine behind Argos, in Mansfield Street, Leicester

She added: "This needs to be sorted out. This must have happened to so many other drivers too. It's put me off visiting the city centre, which is a shame."

When LeicestershireLive contacted Parallel Parking for a comment, they replied by stating that new signs had recently been erected at the Mansfield Street car park.

"The pay-and-display machine instructions are shown on the machine," said a spokesperson. "The driver is required to enter a full and accurate registration number.

"The entered details are shown on the display screen, and when the user is happy with the displayed details they then need to press green to validate before they are able to select the time required and insert their payment."

They added: "There is no 'glitch' with the pay and display machines, they are simply printers and they only print what the user has entered.

"We have, however, placed a sign next to the pay and display machine stating that if anyone types in an incorrect registration number to contact us immediately."
General No To Mob Discussion / Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
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Councillor slates difficulty paying for parking at The Mall shopping centre in Maidstone run by YourParkingSpace

By Alan Smith
06:00, 29 June 2021 | Updated: 15:52, 30 June 2021

A councillor has slammed a town centre shopping centre's new parking system after becoming the latest motorist to grapple with the troublesome system.

Since February the 1,050-place car park has been run by a new operator, YourParkingSpace, which did away with the barriers on exit and introduced new digital methods of payment.

YourParkingSpace now runs The Mall car park in Maidstone

Motorists now have the choice of paying at the car park using a touch-screen kiosk or after they leave by paying online or using a mobile phone app, with the company using ANPR technology to determine the correct fee.

But by May it emerged that a number of people had received demands for a £100 fixed penalty charge, even though they had paid the fee.

John Jenner, 74, from Hedley Road, Maidstone, was among those who received a £100 demand, even though he had paid his £2 charge with his bank card.

One man had received seven penalty charges

Later Grant Robbins, the senior account manager at, said the problem was caused by people entering the incorrect vehicle registration number.

John Jenner with £100 Penalty Charge Notice

He said: "This has affected just a small percentage of customers - under 1.5%, with over 98.5% of customers entering their correct vehicle registration when paying."

However he said the company would look to introduce improvements such as sending an SMS notification to customers who enter a vehicle registration when paying which didn’t match any vehicle registration picked up by the cameras.

Cllr Margaret Rose seems to have had a different problem paying her £2 fee.

She said: "I found the ticket machines in The Mall impossible to use as they kept saying: 'Sorry can’t be used, try our app.'

"I went home and tried to access the app. I was able to get onto the website, but found it mostly about booking car park spaces rather than help to pay the parking fee.

"Eventually I did get to parking payments. I input all my information and expected to be able to pay in the usual way by contact link with my bank. I then found that this method through the app was unavailable to me."

Cllr Margaret Rose: I couldn't pay

Cllr Rose was concerned that she too would get a £100 fine and set about contacting the company.

She said: "At first they denied there had been any problems, but when I pointed out they had already admitted to KentOnline that there had been, they agreed to waive my fee.

"But even now I'm half expecting a fine to land on my doorstep."

Cllr Rose said: "I found the whole situation a total fiasco and as a councillor, I am very concerned that residents and visitors to Maidstone are having to face these difficulties."

On Tuesday last week, the company held an online forum with customers, staff and stakeholders to "learn more about what is and isn’t working well with parking at The Mall."

Paying for parking at The Mall in Maidstone

Mr Robbins said: "Surveying our customers following each major site launch is a process we always follow.

"As a company focused on customer satisfaction, we are constantly looking for feedback to help us improve and streamline the parking experience.

"We were keen to discuss what members felt worked well, and areas they had difficulty with when parking at The Mall."

Mr Robbins said: "To combat the issues experienced by a small handful of drivers a few months ago, we’re updating the parking kiosks enabling them to auto-populate car registration numbers, alleviating the chance of a driver entering the wrong registration number."

"We’re also increasing the ways in which a driver can receive their receipt when paying for their parking session.

Parking notices at The Mall in Maidstone

"Parkers at The Mall can now receive a receipt by SMS as well as by email."

He said The Mall has seen an increase in shoppers.

"We’ll be looking at pushing AutoPay so that registered customers are billed automatically rather than needing to pay for each individual parking session and we’re exploring ways of working with local stores to drive footfall to them with discounted parking for their customers."
General No To Mob Discussion / Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
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Belvoir Castle: Visitors complain about parking fines on Tripadvisor

By Alex Regan & Liam Barnes
BBC News
6 August 2021

More than 60 people have complained about new car parking ticket machines and number plate cameras, after some visitors received £100 parking charge notices

A popular tourist attraction has received more than 60 complaints on Tripadvisor by visitors who claim they have been given unfair parking fines.

Leicestershire's Belvoir Castle put in new car parking ticket machines and number plate cameras last year.

But one visitor said the machines were misleading people to underpay, leading to a £100 parking charge notice (PCN).

Belvoir Castle said it was in "discussions with the operator to ensure the parking charges are clear".

Jane Handsley, from Grantham, said she regularly visits the grounds and Engine Yard retail village on the Belvoir estate.

She said she went to the castle with her husband and daughter on 26 July and tried to pay for parking as they left the grounds.

"We went to the parking machines when we were finished, we put in our number plate and it brings up a screen to say the date and time, and you accept the end time, and move on to payment.

"The date and time that comes on to that screen isn't actually calculating how much your parking charge will be.

"The machine is set up to default to one hour's parking, which is the cheapest payment," she said.

Ms Handsley said this meant she unwittingly underpaid for the parking and received a £100 PCN from third party operator Initial Parking four days later.

Visitor Jane Handsley says the machines are misleading, and led her to underpay for her visit

Visitors are expected to adjust the end time for their visit and pay the certain number of hours they expect to stay.

Ms Handsley said: "You could say it's me misunderstanding machines, but I'm not the only one.

"So many people are getting it, so many don't know what to press, obviously so many people are being tripped up by it.

"We are quite prepared to go to court and fight it, because it's really unclear what should be happening."

'Discussions with operator'

One Tripadvisor reviewer, who was also fined, wrote: "There are signs saying pay as you leave.

"Wish I had paid up front and limited my time instead."

The effect of the parking fines has led some visitors to say they will not return to the castle, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland.

A spokesperson for the estate said: "We are aware of a number of people who have been issued with parking fines by the third party operator we have contracted to run our car parks at Belvoir Castle and the Engine Yard village.

"We are in discussions with the operator to ensure the car parking charges are clear and easy to understand for all visitors so that they do not overstay their booking.

"Since the operation of paid car parking was implemented, we have welcomed nearly 82,500 cars in 12 months.

"The number of PCN's issued has been 1% of all vehicles, 99% of patrons using that car park either stay free or comply with the payment system and do not receive a parking charge notice."

Initial Parking has been approached for comment.
General No To Mob Discussion / Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
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Aimee Manston said she was given a parking ticket after her car was confused with a moped

Woman slapped with £100 after parking firm gets Rover car and a bike mixed up

Aimee Manston, from Doncaster, said that she found it "hilarious" how a parking enforcement company confused her Rover car with a learner moped after she was provided with the photographic "evidence"

ByLisa BaxterTim Hanlon
13:45, 19 Oct 2021

A woman has told of "hilarious" mistake by a parking enforcement company that sent her a fine with her silver Rover car mistaken for a learner moped.

Aimee Manston said that while she found the error comical she was also concerned that some vulnerable people may pay fines without examining the photographic evidence, reported HullLive.

She was provided with a photo from the company Smart Parking that showed a moped driver leaving Kingston Shopping Centre car park seven hours after her car drove in, for what she said was an hour's shopping trip.

Aimee, from Doncaster, said: "It is my vehicle going in, and a moped coming out seven hours later, with a completely different registration. I have appealed it, as there's no way I am paying something that I haven't done.

"I think it's actually hilarious that they got it so wrong, I just laughed when I saw the photograph.

She is concerned that some people may not look at the photos closely and could end up paying the fines ( Image: Hull Live)
"But actually there is a real concern that vulnerable people, maybe who don't see too well or might not examine the photographs clearly, could be falling victim to this.

"I am worried that people may be paying these charges wrongly and would urge everyone who gets one to carefully look at the evidence they give."

The penalty charge notice Aimee received required her to pay £60 within 20 days, or £100 if it is after that date.

She has formally appealed and is awaiting further communications from Smart Parking, which has a head office in Birmingham.

There have been a number of one-star reviews on review site Parkopedia for the car park, on Holderness Road, east Hull, since Smart Parking was hired to enforce parking on the site, reported HullLive.

Customers have 90 minutes free parking, but many claim they were unaware of any need to pay beyond that time slot and that signage isn't visible enough.

One reviewer posted in September: "Just received a fine, I have shopped here for years with no issue, no signs or payment meters so didn't know there is a parking charge now. Won't be shopping here again."

Another reviewer from September said: "Disgusting just received a £60 fine for parking here.

"Why has no-one ever been told there are now charges? Will definitely not be shopping here again.

"Good luck to the shops because I wont be the first or the last to stop shopping there."

A spokesman for Smart Parking said: "Smart Parking was brought in to manage the car park on Holderness Road to stop parking abuse and ensure motorists can always find somewhere to park.

"The car park is used by thousands of motorists every week, and the vast majority of them do so without any issues. Those who don't follow the terms and conditions of use may be liable for a charge.

"However in this particular case there was human error and the charge has now been cancelled.”
Motorist fined after CCTV confuses his number plate with woman’s T-shirt

David Knight told to pay £90 after KN19TER registration is mixed up with pedestrian’s ‘Knitter’ top 120 miles away

Mon 18 Oct 2021 12.21 BST

The penalty notice Paula and David Knight received showing a woman walking in a bus lane with the word ‘Knitter’ emblazoned on her T-shirt.

David Knight was baffled when he received a fine for driving in a bus lane in Bath – about 120 miles away from his home.

But the builder and his wife, Paula, who live in Dorking, Surrey, laughed when they examined the photographic evidence of their alleged infraction and saw a woman with the word “Knitter” on her T-shirt, which the computer had mixed up with Knight’s registration plate, KN19TER, the Daily Mail reported.

The private registration on his Volkswagen van is a nod to his nickname, Knighter.

The penalty charge notice, issued by Bath and North East Somerset council, includes a CCTV photo of Pulteney Bridge in Bath, where the alleged contravention took place.

A second photo shows an image of a woman wearing a protective mask, handbag over her shoulder and T-shirt declaring “Knitter”.

Paula Knight, a bookkeeper, told the Daily Mail she contacted the council to alert officials to their mistake and they agreed to cancel the £90 fine.

The alleged offence took place in June but Knight, 54, did not receive the penalty notice until last month.

Paula Knight, also 54, a mother of two, said the council call handler “burst out laughing” when she alerted her to the error.

“The fine had already gone up from £60 to £90 because we hadn’t paid within 30 days,” she told the Daily Mail. “Obviously no one had looked at the picture and it had been computer-generated.”

She added: “We’ve been laughing about it a lot. There was no way I was going to pay for a woman walking in a bus lane with a funny T-shirt on.”
General No To Mob Discussion / Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
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Sent a parking charge notice by mistake?  Trying it on again more likely. :-ev-:
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