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Why woman was fined £300 by Kingdom for putting a sweet wrapper in the BIN

Cathy Roberts said she is 'shocked and outraged' after being fined by Kingdom enforcement officials for a Walnut Whip wrapper

A Merseyside woman received a £300 fine for Walnut Whip packaging, sandwich wrapper and newspaper she was going to put in the bin.

Cathy Roberts, who owns Literally bookshop in New Brighton , said she was “shocked and outraged” after receiving the huge penalty from Wirral Council ’s litter enforcement squad, who visited her shop.

The fines came due to “aggressive” new waste rules enacted by Kingdom - punishing businesses for not having evidence of previous waste contracts, and not being able to demonstrate how “commercial waste” is disposed.

She says she is one of “a lot of” business owners in Wirral who have fallen foul of controversial litter squad Kingdom’s rules.

Cathy Roberts with the letter received from the environment squad, referring to 'Barnet Council'

Earlier this week, the ECHO revealed 12 businesses on the same street had been slapped with a £300 fine because of the new waste rules.

And Ms Roberts added that the situation had become even more “farcical” as a letter received today from the environmental squad reinforcing the fine was addressed from “Barnet Council”.

The council has since suspended the trade waste contract with Kingdom after a raft of complaints.

Speaking on Friday, Ms Roberts, 54, said when Kingdom came to her second-hand bookshop on January 8, they told her the three items - a Walnut Whip, sandwich wrapper and newspaper - were classed as “trade waste”, and that a licence was required.

She said: "It does cause stress. I’m big enough and tough enough, but this has outraged me.

“We have a nice atmosphere in this shop, and lovely customers. It’s a community hub.

Cathy Roberts' bookshop is on Atherton Street, New Brighton

“They told us a newspaper, even though we brought it in from somewhere else, was trade waste. It makes no difference if it came from home.

“The sandwich wrapper and sweet wrapper were next. We were told anything on our premises is rubbish.”

She said she came out of her shop to see a fellow business owner a few doors down “in tears”.

Cathy Roberts was handed the fine earlier this month

Despite the letter received today, which demands the £300 fine and threatens a criminal record, she has since been told by the council she will not receive a fine, and to “ignore” all further letters regarding penalties.

She added: “We are very proud of our business, but I feel they’ve ruined things for us. We don’t look for to coming to work now.

“When you put a business together no matter how big it is, you are investing money, time and effort. You do that in good faith and hope the council will support you. You don’t expect them to criminalise you, which is what they’re doing.

“If they had bothered to localise this, we’d have worked out who could and couldn’t afford a waste contract. We’d also had some ideas for them as to where the difficulties are.”

She commended two local councillors for their action in helping the businesses, but said the move by the cabinet to suspend the contract was “far too little, too late”.

Cllr Paul Hayes (right) with business owners from Wallasey Village

The ECHO reported on Friday that cabinet member for environment Cllr Anita Leech decided to suspend the trade waste contract.

In a statement she said: "Today I have directed that the current enforcement campaign on trade waste is suspended so we can review the approach and consider any appeals.

“This process was always intended to tackle a real problem of trade waste that is being illegally, and sometimes dangerously, placed into domestic refuse - which means council tax payers subsidising businesses. Wirral has seen a 10.6% increase in disposal costs over the last five years and the borough’s disposal cost for 2019/20 will be £17.2 million, money which comes directly from the public purse.

“The council wrote to businesses across the borough last year advising them of their responsibilities to have measures in place to deal with any waste generated by their commercial activities."

Kingdom said the firm was acting under direction from the local authority.
Money gate...
An Essex County Council spokesman said: "Before turning on enforcement cameras in 2017, we increased signage at all junctions, sent more than 3,000 warning notices and painted the words "BUS GATE" in five-foot high letters on the road at both entrances to help make drivers aware of the restrictions."



Chelmsford bus gate signs 'confusing drivers' brains'

In December, there had been more than 4,800 appeals against fines for using the bus gate

A psychologist fined for driving through a bus gate has won her appeal after arguing there were too many signs for the brain to process.

Bernadine King's penalty charge notice (PCN) was quashed after a tribunal ruled signage was "inadequate".

Essex County Council has taken £1.5m after 54,000 drivers were fined using the Chelmsford bus gate in 18 months.

It said the PCNs had seen the number of people using the gate "reduce to less than a quarter" of the figure before.

Dr King - who has published several academic papers on how people process visual information - said the bus gate, a short section of road blocked off to all traffic except buses, cycles and taxis, was "endangering lives".

Psychologist Bernadine King claims there are too many signs for drivers to take in by the bus gate, in Chelmsford's Duke Street

"Once you're committed to turn left on Duke Street, you have no way of safely turning around," she said.

"Drivers are being trapped in the area and they're panicking.

"There are so many signs by the bus gate but a little contradiction in the brain means we cannot absorb all the information.

"To consciously process all the information, it may take a few seconds and by that point, you've already travelled 20ft or 30ft down the road."

After visiting the site, the traffic penalty adjudicator said that although some of the signs by the bus gate were large and easily visible, they were "cluttered" together and meant "drivers could be confused".

Dr King, who received her PCN in November, is now calling on the council to carry out a safety review of the bus gate, which she called "a blight on Chelmsford".

An Essex County Council spokesman said: "Before turning on enforcement cameras in 2017, we increased signage at all junctions, sent more than 3,000 warning notices and painted the words "BUS GATE" in five-foot high letters on the road at both entrances to help make drivers aware of the restrictions."

He added that all money generated by fines was "reinvested to help improve public transport, roads and the transport network across Essex".
General No To Mob Discussion / Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Last post by Ewan Hoosami on 06 February, 2019, 03:59:00 AM »
Hmmmm.......... as well as using a monumentally useless ANPR system, Indigo are also ignoring the monumentally useless BPA Ltd's monumentally useless Code of Practice.

14 Misrepresentation of authority

14.2 You must not use terms which imply that parking is being managed, controlled and enforced under statutory authority.This includes using terms such as ‘fine’,‘penalty’ or ‘penalty charge notice’.

I suspect that the BPA Ltd's top investigator is ready to spring into action as we speak


Drivers 'fined in error' at Crowborough station car park

Motorists say they have been given tickets for parking in a car park they haven't actually left their cars in.

Since the introduction of new cameras which read number plates, many people doing drop-offs and pick-ups at Crowborough claim they have wrongly received £100 penalty notices.

Thameslink Govia said this was due to dirty number plates or cars driving too close together, and anyone who believes they have been wrongly fined can appeal.

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Westminster / Re: Help!!PCN Code 32d Saville Row junction with Conduit Street
« Last post by The Bald Eagle on 01 February, 2019, 09:22:49 AM »
As you rightly say @sammy, our involvement at this venue was some time ago and I happen to know there have been alterations to  the junction since that time that have altered our views on the likelihood of successfully challenging a ticket at London Tribunals.

And the fact is you admit that you did see the sign but chose to ignore it. That kind of admission would not play well with adjudicators mate.

I suggest you might want to pay up at the lower rate while you still have the chance.
Westminster / Help!!PCN Code 32d Saville Row junction with Conduit Street
« Last post by sammy on 28 January, 2019, 02:26:04 PM »
I need some help here please. I received a PCN in the post for an alleged moving vehicle contravention. Failing to drive in the direction shown by the arrow on the blue sign- proceeding in the wrong direction. Code 32d . IN Saville row junction with conduit street.

As far as I remember there was only one blue sign which I noticed  at the last minute for the safe performance of a subsequent manoeuver impairing road safety. I proceeded straight ahead instead of the left turn but looking at the picture, the presence of a car in front of me may have prevented me from seeing any road signs. Nevertheless, the road straight ahead that I went onto did not have any " No Entry" signage. Moreover , Saville Row is a 2 way street I think. I have read quiet a few posts here with PCN issued for the same street but hey are all old and dated and therfore I am not sure how reliable they are now.

Is there anyone else who has had a similar situation recently and can help me here please.

I would really appreciate the help please
That is a 'promise' to spend £10 million over not each year but vaguely 'the next few years' I call BS on that as they could spend that amount just maintaining signage and markings and claim to have spent it elevating congestion! Anyone who has tried to get from Bob Dunn Way to the tunnels on the almost daily jam will be able to tell them how to remark the slip to better accommodate the traffic coming from from (east/west) 4 lanes into one on the tunnel slip where it presently has to yield to the tunnel approach! I have corresponded to them several times about this issue to be told cr@p about cues being reduced since free flow was introduced. Well Bob Dunn Way has been many times worse since.

Where is that image of the cash cow....
And for the D(a)fT response from the Government see here.

The arithmetic is interesting. 160,000 vehicles per day at the standard charge of £2.50 comes to £400,000 per day or £146 millions per annum - and in their wisdom D(a)fT is spending a whacking great £10 millions to alleviate the congestion. I wonder where the other £136 millions goes to?
Well, it doesn't matter what you call it, it is still charging motorists to cross the river, which was promised would end when the bridge was paid for. As for the VAT, yet another reason to get out of the EU.
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