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If something like this happened in a court, civil or criminal, it would be a matter for the judge and/or plod.

If Vertex wanted to practice playing DVD's they should have obtained an identical pc and stand alone player and done it outside patas.

Comments from the Head Adjudicator regarding this scandal should be interesting.

Did Head Adjudicator give permission/made aware of these or other visits?
How did visits serve interests of justice?
Was prior notice of visits given by patas or others to other interested parties?
Were visits fully supervised?
Is there entry of all visits in visitors book?
What patas assets (including serial numbers) were offered for access?
Were these assets used during the hearing?
What changes, temporary or permanent were made to any asset?
What advice or assistance if any did patas offer before/at/after visits to CoW/Vertex.
What record did patas keep of these visits?
How many other councils have been given similar access?
To whom is patas answerable to other than the High Court i.e. Min. of Justice?

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