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$CAMera car sighting
« on: 11 October, 2011, 03:28:21 AM »
From a YouTube comment/msg:

"There's? one here EVERY morning :// Causes a pinch point by parking on a double yellow"

"It's always (every weekday morning) parked on a double yellow even if there's an empty residents' bay directly in front/behind. Thing is, the double yellow is at the narrowest part of the road and reduces traffic to one-direction-at-a-time.
 After taking a photo of the car this week, they now have a piece of paper in the door-jamb which 'may' be their 'dispensation'..."

"oh sorry, enforcing? NO idea! Never worked it out! Last year it was 'illegal right turns' with a temporary 'no right turn' sign they tied to the traffic lights every morning..."

Hmmm, "a temporary 'no right turn' sign they tied to the traffic lights" doesn't sound very compliant to me. I think we should take a look ;-)
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