Author Topic: LB of Hounslow Issue £6.5 M in Fines in 2011. £621,542 In One Road Alone.  (Read 1897 times)

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Nigel W

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This is another example of Tax Farming at it's worst:

Hounslow Council Scores £6.5 Mil In Parking Fines

MOTORISTS handed more than six and a half million pounds in parking fines to Hounslow council last year.

The Hounslow Chronicle can reveal that nearly 142,500 tickets were slapped down on cars across the borough in 2011.

Traffic wardens gathered the most money in Chiswick High Road where drivers paid out a huge £621,542 for almost 14,000 tickets.

£76,000 of the sum was taken from motorists who had parked in bus stops or stands, while 724 car drivers were penalised for failing to stop on pedestrian crossings, costing them £40,000.

The second fine hotspot was Staines Road in Hounslow were parking officers doled out £240,688 worth of fines.

Here offenders paid nearly half that sum for parking with their wheels on footpaths.

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At a guess I'd say most of those will be issued by CCTV, as you very rarely see CEOs on Chiswick High Road.