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faithfull or sincerely
« on: 04 December, 2012, 01:51:31 AM »
I received a legal letter today Mr David ... and Ms lesa ....  ending with Yours faithfully
I knew it was wrong it should have been
Yours sincerely

the rule is
Dear Sir Madam ....... Yours faithfully
Dear Ms/Mr/Miss/Mrs Jones   ...... Yours sincerely

You would think a legal practice at least knew the basics of letter writing, English and the law.
I have grave doubts about this legal practice in Aus. This not being the first of questionable practice. If the legal person has me as a client they can not advise or create legal documents for another party who may or not be in legal dispute with me . it is a question of 'conflict of interest'.

Your thoughts BE and others?
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