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$chunt - Tuesday 18th December 2012
« on: 21 December, 2012, 05:57:21 PM »
Originally, me Coco and Boyo were going to meet with a new member to discuss making the guide to $chunting film. Unfortunately the poor chap had to cry off because of a severe migraine (I think he must have been on the phone with Parking Warrior :rotfl:) so we decided to $chunt in Westminster for the day. Setting off from the new Camley Street cafe, a tour of the usual hotspots brought no joy and we found ourselves at Orchardson Street checking out what was there. Just as we pulled up an anpr car also arrived and joined 3 other scars on the ramp (one anpr and two MTVs).

We were unsure what other $cars there might be out and about in Wastemonster, so after about 15 minutes of inactivity we decided to pop along to the ever popular Compayne Gardens in Camden to offer our assistance. Unfortunately however, we had no luck there either so I led Coco to another hotspot in Willes Road/Anglers Lane Camden, which also happens to be near to the new pound where the $cars go night nights. Again no luck at Willes Road, but while we were having a look in the pound, one of our friends (who Coco and I had ably assisted at Compayne Gardens the other Saturday) arrived and gave us a cheery greeting by flashing his lights at us as he turned the corner, and waving and smiling as he disappeared into the pound, probably to have his lunch. We didn't fancy hanging around for an hour or so in the hope that he would come out again, so it was back to O Street to see whether we could get any action there.

When we got back there had indeed been some action. Two more $cars had arrived, bringing the total to six. Three of these were anpr and the other three were MTVs. Interestingly, the newly arrived anpr $car was one we hadn't seen before on the streets of Wastemonster, and it had no livery on it whatsoever. However, there was something familiar about the $car and the number plate. A couple of phone calls confirmed our suspicions. This was one of the little bleeders that were used by Hackney, Newham and Greenwich during the Olympics! :bashy: :bashy: :bashy: There is something very dodgy about the way these things operate and I was keen to go and observe one while it worked, so we set about waiting to see what would happen next.

We were not sure whether the MTV drivers (Walklike and his mate who we have yet to give a nickname) would come out and play, but I felt certain that the new anpr car would go out because we do not normally follow anpr $cars. What followed however, was quite bizarre. There was an endless procession of $car drivers (anpr and MTV) getting in their cars, firing them up, running them for a few minutes and then getting out and either having a crafty fag or disappearing back inside only to later repeat all of the above.

It seemed that they were testing to see how we would react before deciding on our next move. Each time a $car was started at least one of us got kitted up ready to follow and assist, and it seemed that as long as we showed willing, they were not prepared to allow us to help.

To ease the boredom we sent out single rider search parties to the Camden hotspots, but again they were no shows. By the time it got to end of shift time at Wastemonster, not one of the $cars had been active since our arrival.

So it begs the question, if it is all about public safety, as their mantra insists it is, why are SIX very expensive $cars and operators not going about their safety duties when we are around? Obviously this is a rhetorical question because as we all know, safety has nothing to do with it and...



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