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Motto of a good thief
« on: 31 December, 2012, 06:57:59 AM »
Lighten the burden of  a heavy wallet.

Such honourable men......
These poor souls (ie the last person with the wallet) could suffer enormous damage, Money weighs heavily on peoples mind, so remove the worry - no money no worries, mate.  Oh they are not sexist, happy to carry a women's purse.

yes the bills, what can they do cut off the electricity - watching too much TV or internet anyway. It is cold, do what we Aussies do when it gets cold inside put on an extra coat or that other thing women want................
Washing up, done quickly, poorly never have to do it again.
yes the Brits (Pommies) taught us a lot, and in kind we wish to repay you. Have a happy new year and when you see me pay me back that £M, kind of need it now; oh you do not remember I told you would, Drinking the Pommies evil, Aussies' way of life.

Theft is not a way of life it is a religion ask any PM!
Vincit Veritas - Truth WILL Prevail
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