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Britain today
« on: 31 December, 2012, 07:33:32 AM »
Almost every body thinks it is in hell.
Actually, Briton has a rebirth - no truely.

It is now cheaper to make in UK than buy in.
UK makes its own fuel.
UK can grow any pplant in the world, including Avocadoes, Mangoes, Macadamias. - from Aus whish has the best!

UK has the smartest ppl in the world.

UK has the economic might.

But is lacking in the UK?

Is the will.

UK the people of UK must say to themselves, that UK is the NEW Australia.

As mum said what country has achieved what we did in less than 300 years with NOTHING.

UK has nothing, time to focus, not complain, get your arse (not ass - it is a donkey) in gear.

Australians did it, they were of the UK, so they could do it, you can.

First thing get rid of ALL laws, before 1900, re-approve laws under equality. Let us face it guys women have always run the world, they just let us feel we did, though we knew. That is a good marriage.

For me, I could not give a shit, if you are male/female, black/white, young or old - you have a job to do, so f'n do it.

Up to you guys, be there in 5/6 months expect a keen, clean fighting UK machine.

It does not take much I would suggest as 90% of UK want this.
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