Author Topic: Rules for on call emergency services volunteers/displaying signage in vehicles.  (Read 1211 times)

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Thought I'd try and get some views on this.

I'm a member of SJA, recently we were all given dash signs for emergency calls or event attendance for our personal vehicles and we had this questioned by a member of the local monkies.

The sign very clearly has an image of the SJA logo with the following text stating that tthe volunteer in this vehicle is attending an emergency or an event and is parked here temporarily.

Are we legally allowed to display such signage and would it be a point to be used to contest a ticket?

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Many authorities have something in the traffic orders regarding exemptions for vehicles being used for "police, fire and ambulance purposes".
You should be able to challenge a ticket on that basis, although the memsahib failed with Islington when doing just that many moons ago. Remember that the CEOs will want to issue in the hope that you cannot be bothered to appeal all the way, rather than give discretion, as they stand a better chance of making their quota.

I would expect that you would need supporting evidence in the form of a redacted copy of whatever patient notes you took at the time and/or something from your unit leader or regional headquarters confirming that at the time in question you were rendering emergency aid and thus fulfilling the criteria of an ambulance purpose.

You will need to bear in mind the recent issue raied by DPP vs Issler and Bamberger which has caused some issues regarding the type of vehicle that can fulfil an ambulance purpose. This might currently negate your appeal until the situation of that case is resolved.

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Since you're not claiming to be an actual Ambulance, you should be OK


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