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TV Licence
« on: 18 February, 2013, 05:19:24 PM »
I signed up for a TV Licence at my new house on friday. I chose to pay for a year via credit card.

Except I haven't paid for a year according to them, I've paid for 350 days. I've basically had the issue shown here:
BBC accused of TV licence rip-off
The BBC is over-charging millions of people for their licence fees by selling "annual" permits that only last 11 months, it can be disclosed.
BBC overcharging public by £25m a year by selling 'annual' licences that last only 11 months
Loophole branded a 'rip-off' by media MP

I'm the type of person who reads the T&C's, and even saves them "just in case". At no point did they say that a years payment might or would be actually less than a year. At no point did they define what a month was. It's not on the terms and conditions on the tv licence website. It doesn't say at any point before you pay.

I've sent off one email saying its a joke, does anyone have any advice of what to do now?

Edit - I am very sorry if this is in the wrong place, not sure what constitutes general "notomob" stuff and what is off topic.