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Parking video (Westminster Council)
« on: 17 April, 2013, 05:45:54 PM »
Last month (March 2013) around midnight...

I was looking to park somewhere around Leicester Sq.  Eventually I found someone that appeared to be leaving.  He said he need to pop into a doorway (we were right outside) and he would be back in a minute.  So I pulled up in front of him, my car lights on and engine still running) a couple of minutes later he appeared and drove off - and I reversed back into the space.

A couple of weeks later I get a PCN in the post telling me I had parked illegally.  They have a video footage of about 2 mins 15 secs long which interestingly enough stops 2 seconds after the guy appears from the doorway.  If the video raqn another 3-4 seconds - it would have picked up him and his friends getting into the car and driving off.

My appeal to the council was rejected and I am now appealing to the adjudicator:

Below is the content of what I am writing....Any tips?

I emphatically contend that the contravention did not occur as I was in a process of parking.
The car behind me was about to leave and told me he was just leaving but had to go inside to get his friends and would be back in a minute.
I believe the camera operator was fully aware of this because as soon as he and his friends appear from the doorway, the camera immediately turns away.  This can be seen between 2 minutes, 4 seconds past midnight and 2 minutes 10 seconds past midnight.  Now this could be one hell of a coincidence or the camera operator was being unscrupulous.  I want to clarify; we are talking about something so precise that had the camera operator continued for just 2 seconds more – all would have been revealed.  Regardless of this, either way I was in the process of parking.  The driver and his friends then get in to the car behind me driving off, and I reverse back into the bay.  I have asked Westminster council for the next 20 seconds of footage to be provided but they been unable or unwilling to provide it.  Perhaps you the adjudicator have more influence in this matter.  I have also asked the casino, if they have footage from outside of their doorway but they cannot provide me with anything.

You can see in the video, my engine was running, my lights were on and I’m in the car the whole time waiting for the guy to move.  I don’t really know what I’m expected to do.  I mean should I have got my stopwatch out and started timing the guy to see how long he takes to vacate the space.  I acted with total consideration during the process and caused no obstruction or difficulty for any other drive.
I find it totally absurd that I am being asked to pay a parking fine whilst waiting to park my car in a space that someone is about to move out of….it’s total nonsense.  Please reverse this decision, it is totally unjust and they should not be allowed to get away with it.
I confirm to the best of my knowledge and belief that the above statement is true.


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