Author Topic: $camera Ticket in Calshot Street  (Read 2872 times)

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$camera Ticket in Calshot Street
« on: 24 February, 2014, 09:36:20 AM »
Hi All,

We just got a reg 10 through the post for 52JM 'Failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicle, motor vehicles' turning from the west side of Collier Street into Calshot Street.

This looks like a regular spot for Islington as the $camera car is visible on Google Streetview, dated 2012.

Just a heads up, you probably have this one on your radar already - the contravention date/ time was 14/02/2014 at 17:00.

Cheers, Deirdre

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Re: $camera Ticket in Calshot Street
« Reply #1 on: 24 February, 2014, 01:45:43 PM »
Thanks Deirdre. This is a new one on me and something we will have to look into.

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Re: $camera Ticket in Calshot Street
« Reply #2 on: 17 April, 2014, 10:05:38 PM »
I can check it out at some point. What time is it usually there?
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Re: $camera Ticket in Calshot Street
« Reply #3 on: 17 April, 2014, 10:16:58 PM »
[Motor Vehicles Prohibited] [Except Cycles]

Who authorised that combination?

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Re: $camera Ticket in Calshot Street
« Reply #4 on: 18 April, 2014, 10:37:39 AM »
I think the other end of Calshot Street is quite interesting (from a Parking point of view) too - it's got a TfL Red Route Loading/Disabled bay with Double Yellow Lines either side of it? I can't see how that's enforceable!


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