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Dodgy Signage Clifton Road
« on: 31 January, 2014, 06:25:37 PM »
Visited Clifton Road today about midday and sure enough there was a $car, happily occupying a pay and display bay, with his periscope up, hoovering away. I was on foot and had approached along Randolph Ave which intersects Clifton Rd to the left and Carlton Gardens to the right. As I approached I noticed that the advance warning sign, alerting you to the impending bus lane that Clifton Rd becomes, had conveniently been twisted through 90 degrees and was now facing traffic on Randolph Ave. I've enclosed two pictures below.
The first is the crossroads coming along Randolph Ave with Clifton Road to your left, Clifton Gardens to your right and a continuation of Randolph Ave. straight on. Note the Give way sign and the now incorrectly positioned advance warning sign which has (conveniently for Wastemonster) twisted thro' 90 degrees - it's also implying that only buses can travel straight ahead and you have to turn left?!  W:T:F:  :bashy:

The second picture, shows the approach from Clifton Gardens, passing across Randolph Ave, into Clifton Rd. You can just about make out the $car, (directly behind the bicycle rack, 4th car up on the left) with his mast up. See how the Advanced warning Sign would be completely invisible from this direction (it's on the pole on the corner, immediately to the left of the small white van) - the only direction it's intended to be seen from!  :bashy:

I wonder if this is grounds for appeal if caught out here?  <_>

Anyway, I was just about to deploy and offer my assistance to the $car, when a lady in a Range Rover pulled alongside him and beeped several times and gestured that she wanted that space. Sure enough, this woke the driver from his stupor and he duly moved off!
Good for her to have the nous to challenge him!  :aplude: :aplude: :rotfl:
But bit of a blow for me as I missed out on my $chunting  ::)))
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