Author Topic: Medway council announce radical new plans to move Chatham Bus station  (Read 1419 times)

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Medway council announce radical new plans to move Chatham Bus station

Ever since it was conceived, Chatham's new bus station has been surrounded by controversy over its planning, construction and implementation of traffic control measures that have resulted in many thousands of tickets being issued to unsuspecting visitors who passed through the bus station on their way to visit Chatham's Historic Dockyards.

Medway council have today announced plans that it hopes will resolve these issues once and for all. It plans to move the bus station to the Historic Dockyards, where the buses will be parked on the site of the famous museum, which the council recently compulsorily purchased despite objections from the Dockyards Trust which currently runs the site.

The council will move the museum and its contents, which include a large scale replica model of HMS Victory, to the current location of the bus station outside Chatham's shopping centre. Some visitors raised concerns as to how those arriving by bus were to get to and from the shopping centre and the newly built museum, but these concerns were addressed when it was announced that Medway council will operate a park-and-ride service, consisting of a string of ex Blackpool pleasure beach donkeys, that will ferry visitors between the two venues.

It is estimated that the whole scheme will cost Medway taxpayers approximately 37.5 billion pounds, and when questioned about the exceptional cost, a spokesperson for the council said “Yes it is a tad on the expensive side and we did consider much cheaper options before settling on the current plans. However, we would like to point out that this will be covered by the surplus that currently sits in our parking revenue account, courtesy of the thousands of motorists we fined for driving through the bus station.”

“What swayed us to press on with the more expensive option was when it was quite rightly pointed out by a councillor (whose own company has coincidentally won the building contract for the project), that a naval dockyard cannot realistically be located three quarters of a mile inland. It was then we decided that the only sensible solution was to divert the River Medway so that it will run down Dock Road, past the new museum and round the back of the Pentagon shopping centre.”

He added, “There has been some criticism of the scheme by local taxpayers, but we have ignored them as usual. We told them they only have themselves to blame because they were the ones who voted us in in the first place.”

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Re: Medway council announce radical new plans to move Chatham Bus station
« Reply #1 on: 07 April, 2014, 07:12:16 PM »
Now if only I'd logged in last Tuesday I may have believed that!

Good effort and true dedication though :)
Willing to do my bit...


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