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Good work out there in medway MG.. just wondering when the next en-mass to medway will be happening ??

i missed last weds due to work... but off all this week and didnt know if there is anything planned for the mass members again...

:( i want a bacon butty

The Bald Eagle:

--- Quote from: "billie.skeggs" ---:( i want a bacon butty

--- End quote ---

Gotta tell you Bill, it was soooooooo much better than just a bacon butty. dr00L

BE stop drooling over MG... Mrs Eagle wont be impressed lol

Monkey Girl:
HI guys

Billie il pm you my details,

Any shunter that would like to assist down here in Medway at anytime, will be very warmly welcome, just let me know (BY PM) your Day & ETA so I can get the bacon n rolls in ! ;D

ill be hitting islington on tues with the rest of the mob...

ill speak with rs2k and will prob be down wednesday... tho ill work it out and let yew know :)


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