Author Topic: Medway $chunt Report 12/02/11  (Read 1733 times)

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Medway $chunt Report 12/02/11
« on: 12 February, 2011, 11:40:54 PM »
Hi guys,  ;D

I did have good intentions of being at the pig pen at 7.15 but overlaid :schucks: eventually I made my way to the pen for 10.15am and within 5 mins a $car (1) returns to the pen, then I see the driver walking towards Morrisons with her fleece covering most of her face (She has already been previously informed we have no interest in the drivers only the $car) she then walks back with her shopping and her face is still covered!. ... Strange indeed....I give a call out for help as im very lonely by this time ;D...(My internet is down, I cant tweet or gain access to forum), I already know that $car (1) will be back out in a hour :-ev-:, so im in my usual spot waiting for about half an hour and then the second $car returns...but still no sign of the first car... yes.. she has given me the slip by using the second exit which is barrier controlled... BUT BECAUSE I WAS ALONE Cough Cough! :rotfl: I couldnt watch both spots...

 An hour later.... the second car is off, I then perform my civic duty for 2 hour plus, all over Chatham / Gillingham (Green St is a favourite Gill) I did notice something odd, the driver is not given tickets out to all parked cars on double yellows, it seems only a select few car were targets today. (The bikes still smelling like something's burning under it, I think it's my sat nav lead) we then make our way back to the pen....Blinky turns up  ;D and keeps me company for an hour ;D....Tom Tomster will be arriving soon.

Blinky leaves and 5 mins later so does $car (2) Im half an hour out with them and Tomster rings, I try to guide him in, but didnt realise Tomster doesnt really know Gillingham / Rainham area to well, :o about a hour goes by im still on the $car, and get lots of calls from Tomster :pmsl:...and still no Tomster...I give up after that and advised Tomster to go to back to the pen as it was now nearly the 4.00pm and they were due back there soon.. We turned back up the pen and about 30 secs later Tomster pulls up... we start laughing and have a hug :pmsl:, I then noticed Tomster's top box was was open and there was one doughnut left in there! :-ev-:.  Im starving and he said I could have it as he had already eaten 3! :o, Well I managed one mouth full and out goes the $car! im frantic trying to stuff the doughnut in, get my gloves on, turn the bike on and get after the $car, and get my mask on...and im still trying to stuff the rest of the doughnut in ;D...but i did it. ... Im now behind the car, but Tomster's not with me. I assited the $car to Chatham, Tomster rings me,  ... we did finally meet up at the block buster spot in Chatham... at liitle half hour tour of Chatham/ Halfords and back to the pen at 5.30 There shift ends at 6pm , Both  $scars now tucked up :-ev-:...and Tomster and I go off for well earned coffee . 

At one point in Chatham the owners of a cafe and also Kebab shop came out to talk to me and a 30 sec chat later :-ev-: their telling me that they belive the $car is costing them money and their custom is badly affected by the $cars presence....

Happy $chunting.....MG ;D
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Re: Medway $chunt Report 12/02/11
« Reply #1 on: 12 February, 2011, 11:51:59 PM »
Sweeeeeet :aplude: :aplude: :aplude:
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Re: Medway $chunt Report 12/02/11
« Reply #2 on: 13 February, 2011, 12:15:20 AM »
sounds like you guys had the run around today.

oh and what was the doughnut like? ive had a craving for the chocolate filled ones for months  dr00L
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Re: Medway $chunt Report 12/02/11
« Reply #3 on: 13 February, 2011, 11:47:19 AM »

MG accelerating rapidly up the road to assist a nippy $car, complete with protruding chocolate donut was a site to behold ! I waited for the second car to move away from the Pen, and waited some more but it didn't. Next my phone rings and through what sounded like the munching of a donut i am just able to hear a location and a request for my assistance from MG.  Needle in a Haystack spring to mind. -how close we must have been at times, but eventually we meet back at the Pen.
The rest of the $CHUNTING Afternoon  MG and I managed to  Duo assist which certainly from a Public information point of view is far more effective....We need to expand our following here and have already begun with Card passing and discussions with a number of fellow bikers that we meet. It is only a matter of time !
Don't know if it is because of our presence but the $cars seem to hardly stop at all, and the standard of driving I have witnessed so far has been "Good"
There were a couple of vehicles that may have received tickets but they were parked on Double yellows and sticking out like a sore thumb... Still need to examine the official lines on timings from first observation point of an offending vehicle to booking the ticket reservation, and whether there are variations by area. We will find this out shortly.

Again yesterday, there appeared to be some significant support from many of the Public and a load of smiles. MG's Mobile Rock Disco and Pink Helmet with Mohican is a strong contributor to this.  Well Done MG !...You make a huge difference to the Role in making the Public Aware !  :aplude: :aplude:

Thanks to ALL You Guys n girls who attentened last Wed and also Welcome to HL C and Spica !!   See you arouund !  ;D
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