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Chatham News! needs $chunter's Wed 23rd

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Monkey Girl:
;D Hi guys, there is a member on our forum called Sam Journo, He is a journo from the Chatham News (newspaper)

He has phoned me today to request a show of unity from The NoToMob to enable him to write an article and take photos  :dancing:

Next Weds 23rd Feb,....... To meet at the Medway pig pen 9.30-10.00am....

He will also be $chunting  :-ev-: with us for the day!, if there is someone willing to take him as pillion that is?

Reply if you can make it, ta .....MG  ;D

The Bald Eagle:
Will there be bacon baguettes and tea like last time MG?  dr00L dr00L dr00L :-* :-* :-*

I'll almost certainly be there anyway, but if with BBs and T on offer, I don't think wild horses could keep me away. :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

Half term week as well...  Sure I'll be there.

I love a camera, me.

Pat Pending:
If it's Half Term that will be good no need to sit near Schools so better opportunities to catch them $camming.

I can make the 23rd MG


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