Author Topic: [B&D $chunt] Day 2 : 18/02/11 - The second $chunt  (Read 4842 times)

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Re: [B&D $chunt] Day 2 : 18/02/11 - The second $chunt
« Reply #15 on: 23 February, 2011, 08:19:39 PM »
Quote from: "Pat Pending"
Quote from: "Pat Pending"
I will have some info re Havering for you by Monday night Billie.

Sorry Billie he was complete wash out but I have beat him up and told him to start marking down any location he sees once the swelling on his black eyes goes down.  :o

Hehe No worries mate.. hope your friend recovers soon.. as for recon work im planning to do some over the weekend and see what i can find out..
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