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The Bald Eagle:
Post any favourite haunts on this thread.

Monkey Girl:
Parking only at present:-

Wainscott Shops 2-3 times a day
Borstal Villiage outside co-op
The other places are outside blockbusters in Chatham(best street)
Strood B Roads, around them at 7:15am
Outside Rochester Grammar (Maidstone Road Rochester)
Canterbury Street Gillingham junction with Stafford Street
Outside the Pentagon on The Brook
Batchelor Street Chatham (outside halfords)
Byron school , Byron road, Gillingham
Chatham High Street.
Rochester High Street. Very common to see them there.
Green Street, Gillingham,
Chatham Hill, Chatham,
Hoo School/ Regular at the moment
The Delce Road, Rochester
Rainham Juction off A2/Maidstone Road

james street carpark too 8) we are always there

Monkey Girl:
Co-op .....Juction of Wilson Ave/ Horsted Road
Dale St Chatham
Taxi rank/ Bus stop Ordanance Street
Medway Magistrates Court

Behind the tsb in gillingham (st james street)


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