Author Topic: MPS confirm suspension of operations with Civil Enforcement Officers (bailiffs)  (Read 2773 times)

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MPS suspend Operations with Civil Enforcement Officers

On 21st May 14 at the MPS ANPR Programme Board , Commander Basu, directed that all MPS roadside operations involving civil enforcement officers (CEOs) have been stopped until further notice.

While it is recognised that officers and civil enforcement officers often work well together, the Board sees risk in the potential for ill planned operations, inadequate briefings and some CEOs inadvertently pushing the boundaries.

Situations where vehicles are stopped at the request of CEOs and the reasons not being made clear to drivers, or stopped for a policing purpose and then "handed over" to the CEOs without an explanation to the driver, will lead to a loss of trust and confidence in the MPS.

The ANPR Bureau is reviewing the existing CEO Standard Operating Procedures and is consulting with stakeholders to ensure a balanced approach.