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The Bald Eagle:
Post any favourite haunts on this thread.

Whilst out on Tues 15th Feb, I found a $car monitoring illegal right turns into Hanley Road from Evershot Road N4.
The car was facing north west on Evershot Rd monitoring the junction with Hanley Rd.. It is illegal to turn right into Hanley Rd here even tho' it is two way, you have to turn left. 

Tollington road N7
Hercules Street N7
Annette Road N7

From Twitter:

Islington Henshall St N1 junction-CCTV Moneytrap,issuing 3 consecutive tickets for almost invisible,recently put No car entry sign!Pathetic!

The Bald Eagle:
Nicolas was out running, training for the London Marathon, and has just reported seeing a $car at the junction of Lyzard Street and Bath Street. Apparently the operator was very rude when Nicolas approached to enquire what he was doing there, and will now be reporting the operator to Islington's parking department.

Apparently this location is a compulsory left turn and it catches lots of people going straight on.


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