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Monkey Girl:
Medway $chunter's shuffle  ;D
Wait for Jonesy....  :pmsl:


How could anyone find that playful bunch intimidating?

Love it. :pmsl:

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :pmsl:

Monkey Girl:
                                                           POSTED ON BEHALF OF SKUZZBALL

Hello, My name is SKuzzball
I am 11 years old and have been riding on the back of my mums bike since I was 4 years old  :dancing: and I love it very much,  :dancing: I have another new flip helmet now, and I have tried on my mask, but I may have to make it smaller to fit me, I want to come out $CHUNTING if Im allowed to?

I agree to cctv cars given tickets to people that park the wrong way, but not to spy on people and break the law, and take peoples money from them, instead of stopping them from parking the wrong way, they should help people not to do that. And they drive too fast too.

Im not allowed on the forum because my mum said, so hello to everyone and see you all very soon hopefully   :D  SKuzzball

way to go Skuzzball  :aplude:  ask mumsy if you can come out $chunting on the back of her bike sometime. but only if you clean your room and eat ya veg :rotfl:


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