Author Topic: Campaign launched against rise in Torbay Hospital parking charges  (Read 1263 times)

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Campaign launched against rise in Torbay Hospital parking charges

A campaign has been launched calling on Torbay Hospital to rethink a proposal to more than double the cost of parking for just under an hour in its car parks.

The proposal for the increase was unveiled recently as part of a plan to create 400 new parking spaces at the Hospital and introduce pay on exit systems in larger car parks.

Under the proposed schedule of charges there will still be a 20 minute free period, yet the rate for one hour would rise from the current 90p to £2.00 in Spring 2015. Other proposed increases include a 33% rise in the all-day rate to £8 and a rise in the cost for staff parking permits.

Kevin Foster, the Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Torbay, said he recognises the need for improvements in the parking facilities at the Hospital he believes such a large rise in the charge for some users cannot be justified.

He is therefore calling on the Hospital to think again and maintain a rate for one hour, whilst phasing some rises over a longer period.

Kevin said: “Abolishing the ability to pay for only one hour, whilst increasing the two hour rate to £2, means those needing to stay for over 20 minutes, but less than an hour will see the price they pay more than double in April.”

“I accept that improvements are needed to the car parking arrangements at Torbay Hospital and that some increases in charges will be necessary to fund this. Yet to abolish the ability to pay for one hour, whilst increasing the rate for the new minimum two hour period, will hit those making short visits hard and encourage motorists to use nearby streets to avoid them. That is why I am calling for a rethink on this aspect of the proposals.”

The petition can be found at


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