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In-Town Parking: What Works?
Innovative Practices in Parking Provision
Published by: ATCM, July 2014 [Association of Town & City Management]

Page 11: The top 10 factors for customers when selecting a car
park to use are ranked as follows:

1 Location
2 Personal safety
3 Safe environment
4 Tariffs
5 Ease of access
6 No/little queuing
7 Number of spaces
8 Effective surveillance
9 Size of parking space
10 Appropriate lighting

Page 22: Middlesburgh case study:

Competitive Council Tariffs
The 2012 Annual Council Parking Survey found that there had been a 14% reduction in council controlled car park usage in 2011/2012 compared with 2010/2011 as result of the economic downturn with less people working in the town centre, rising fuel costs and private parking sites taking business from council run parking. In order to reverse this trend and encourage people to use unpopular car parks, the Council have implemented a range of pricing measures.

This includes making the first 2 hours of parking in council owned car parks free. This has been in place since October 2013 and it is understood that local businesses have seen increased visitor numbers as a
result of this scheme. Along with this, at the beginning of December 2013, a one day parking charge of £1.00
was put in place to encourage more people to use the town centre for Christmas shopping rather than
drive to out-of-town retail centres.

The Council reviewed parking charges and their impact on local businesses. As a result, a council run car park which was rarely used had its parking charges reduced from £3.30 to £1.00 for all day parking.

Following this change it was noted that, not only were more people using the car parking facility, but local businesses were also experiencing increased spend. Whilst these price reductions are having a number of positive economic benefits, the Council has also identified the potential wider effect upon the privately owned car parks in the town. With less and less people opting to park in the more expensive private car parks this raises the risk that some could go out of business, which could damage overall levels of parking supply in the long-term.

Page 42: [Parking] Charges at the point of use may have a detrimental impact on footfall.


Parking enforcement officers working for APCOA were only too happy to help promote St Helens Council’s free Saturday parking offer during the run up to the festive season. They’re right behind the council’s bid to generate increased footfall and support the town centre.

Council Leader Barrie Grunewald said: “Everyone in the borough wants to see a successful town centre. Free parking on Saturdays is already giving our retailers a big helping hand, with more and more people appreciating the convenience – and cost benefits – of shopping locally.”!/


“As much as I would love to be able to support our high street our council needs to help small businesses instead of driving potential clients away with extortionate parking charges and eager parking attendants."


David Mackintosh, leader of Northampton Borough Council, said: "As has been seen in many town centres across the country, footfall figures have been steadily declining and we are pleased to now be bucking the trend.

"Shoppers and businesses alike told us they wanted free parking and we responded. The free parking scheme has proved extremely popular and helped to bring more people into Northampton to enjoy the town centre."


The spaces have been created thanks to Purley BID, which worked with Croydon South MP Chris Philp, local councillors and council officers who met to discuss the problems in September. Mr Cripps said: "This is a huge win for all the businesses and shoppers of Purley and could not have been achieved without the great collaboration of the business community, local politicians and the council themselves."

But there is still more work to be done to improve parking in the town, Mr Philp added.

"It's a strong step in the right direction," he said. "It's very clear that parking [problems] in and around the High Street and Brighton Road are damaging businesses." The three spaces near Sainsbury's have a one-hour maximum stay. The two spaces outside Boots have a single yellow line waiting restriction from 7am to 9am, Monday to Friday.


Prime Minister backs cutting parking charges in Wiltshire market towns

 THE Prime Minister has said that parking charges in market town’s like Chippenham or Melksham should be made easier to boost trade.

Mr Cameron was speaking in response to Chippenham MP Michelle Donelan's first question at Prime Minister's Questions yesterday.

Ms Donelan did need a little bit of help from speaker John Bercow who had to call for order after Ms Donelan was interrupted after blaming declining market town high streets on "years of Labour neglect".

The Conservative MP asked what support Prime Minister David Cameron could offer the market towns of Chippenham, Melksham, Corsham and Bradford on Avon.

In response, Mr Cameron said: “I do know her constituency well and spent a lot of time there with her before the election.

“What I would say to her is that the offer of devolution is not limited to cities, we’re just as open to proposals from towns, counties and districts.

“What we need to help our high streets is a strong economy, to press ahead with local plans, to deregulation of the class orders which sometimes prevent redevelopment taking place and I would also argue in the case of market towns we should making parking easier and preferably free.


"The initiative started as a trial last August but has proved so popular Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council are keen to carry it on"


Surprise surprise! West Wales town where all the parking meters have been out of action for a month sees shopping boom

After thieves smashed all four parking machines in Cardigan’s main car parks last month, custom in local stores soared by up to half.

This week at a meeting of Cardigan Town Council, traders queued up to recount how the destruction of the pay-and-display machines had led to the unexpected windfall.

‘I’ve seen trade go up by around 20 per cent but some businesses have seen an increase of 50 per cent, which is not only good for the traders but it helps make Cardigan a thriving place.

‘People who have enjoyed free parking at supermarkets are finding they prefer going to small, independent shops which offer goods of a far better quality. People are staying longer and spending more. They feel more relaxed not having to worry about their cars.

‘It demonstrates what we’ve been saying for years: if you have lower parking fees, or even no fees, then people will come into town.’,5593.0.html


Regarding Alnwick, it reported a a 10 per cent increase in town-centre trade and stated: ‘Businesses and visitors are generally positive and free parking continues to be well-received. Car parks seem to be well used with few spaces available during the day in some all-day car parks.


" There will be no car parking charges on Saturdays before Christmas at all Rochford District Council car parks.

The usual fees will be waived on Saturday, December 19 to help support businesses and residents to shop locally."


Shoppers stopped by parking fine fears

The fear of running out of time on a pay and display parking ticket could be forcing consumers to cut short their Christmas shopping trips, according to research.


He says he was completely unaware of the initiative, which took place on the weekends leading up to Christmas in a bid to boost trade.

Traders Marcy Luzikova and Paul Dresner with cllr Dean Cohen promoting the free Christmas parking


Bedford Council announces 2% increase in High St footfall after offering free parking



Cardigan traders want free parking to boost business

Traders experienced a boom in business when the parking machines were out of order

A protest has been held in a bid to secure free parking in a Ceredigion market town.

Around 40 traders and shoppers marched through the centre of Cardigan on Wednesday calling for two hours of free parking for visitors.

Local shops said their trade increased by up to 20% last year when parking machines in the town's four car parks were vandalised and out of use.

Ceredigion council said parking charges must be "consistent" in all towns.

A candlelit vigil was held outside the Guildhall by small business owners and local people who support the free parking campaign

The march was led by the chairman of Cardigan Traders, Martyn Radley, who has called on Ceredigion council to give local traders "a level playing field" with out-of-town businesses.

Ceredigion council said the matter had been discussed and the view is that "parking charges must be applied consistently across all towns within Ceredigion".

The council added the charges are necessary both in terms of covering the cost of providing car parking facilities and helping to meet the "extraordinary financial pressures" facing the authority.

Traders have vowed to continue their campaign for free parking.


Parking charges cut in Denbigh in support of local businesses

Published date: 05 August 2016

Denbighshire County Council, Denbigh Business Group and Denbigh Town Council are working closely together to slash the price of parking in Denbigh.

The decision has been made to amend parking charges in the busiest two shoppers’ car parks to support small businesses in the local area after listening to their concerns.

Councillor David Smith, Cabinet Leader for the Public Realm, explained: “Over the past few weeks, Denbighshire County Council and Denbigh Town Council have been working closely together to monitor the impact of the parking charge increase.

"Having looked at the particular circumstances in Denbigh, we were able to make some changes and the Town Council have also stepped in to subsidise a further reduction in parking charges. As part of this joint working, we are doing our best to support local businesses and have listened to their concerns.

“We have identified a number of improvements to parking within the Town Centre which are, firstly, the creation of 9 free parking spaces within Factory Ward Car Park. These spaces will be monitored by the enforcement team and will consist of 7 standard spaces and 2 disabled spaces.

There is a maximum stay of 1 hour for the standard spaces and 2 hours for the disabled spaces to encourage turnover and thus increase the availability of the spaces for visitors to the Town.

“We are also pleased to announce that from the 1st September, the parking charges in Factory Ward Car Park will change to Long Stay car park rates, meaning that the cost to park will be reduced by up to half.”

Parking charges in Factory Ward car park will be amended to long stay rates with reduced charges of £1.50 for 3 hours and an all-day parking cost of £3.50. The current 30 minute and 1 hour tariffs will remain the same at 30p for 30 minutes, £1.00 for 1 hour.

Permit holders will continue to be able to use their permits to park in the Multi Storey car park opposite Factory Ward.

On the 1st September, Parking charges in Vale Street car park will have a new subsidised rate of £1 for 2 hours, this change is being subsidised by Denbigh Town Council.

The changes in tariff will come into effect from 1st September at the Factory Ward Car Park and Vale Street Car Park. The creation of 9 free parking spaces within the Factory Ward Car Park is effective immediately.


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Re: Articles that prove parking charges & fines affect High St footfall Pt 2
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If parking charges have no effect on footfall, why is this council
suspending its charges on the premise it will support local business? <_>


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Not so much proof as an admission from a council that they believe parking charges DO affect High Street footfall.


Major changes announced for car park charges for coast and wolds

Car parking changes will come into place in summer in Lincolnshire towns

Car parking changes could boost local business in some Lincolnshire towns.

East Lindsey District Council has announced the new arrangements will come into effect this summer.

The council's executive board has agreed a new car parking policy for the district, which aims to increase footfall on the high streets and encourage shoppers to stay for longer.

The plans will be monitored over a 12-month trial period, during which time the council has committed to no overnight charges on any of its car parks.

It is hoped to attract shoppers who can relax a little more when visiting towns within the district.

The policy was developed following a review of car parking data, consultation with local people and visitors and discussions with town and parish councils.

A statement said: "The newly approved policy moves away from the previous 'one size fits all' district-wide approach to car parking, and to a position where the car parking arrangements in each town reflect local trading conditions.

"The policy recognises the importance of car parking income to fund services provided to residents by the district council."

The changes to be introduced include:

Alford – 30 minutes free ticketed parking in Market Square.

Horncastle – 30 minutes free ticketed parking in Market Place.

Louth – 30 minutes free ticketed parking in Market Place car park and reduced tariffs for stays of longer than two hours.

Mablethorpe – greater choice of tariffs.

Skegness – greater choice of tariffs and new trial of pay on exit machines on the Festival Car Park.

Spilsby – one hour free ticketed parking on all Council owned car parks.

Before the new arrangements can be introduced, the council must publish a formal notification for a period of 28 days.

The council cannot yet confirm the precise date the changes will be implemented.

Users of the council's car parks are asked to keep an eye on the information boards in the car parks for the latest information.

Regular users of the council's car parks are also reminded that they can purchase car parking permits, which provide significant reductions on the regular car parking tariffs.


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