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Locations of Mobile and static cctv cameras in Westminster
« on: 15 March, 2015, 11:01:33 AM »
We have taken our eye off the ball in Wastemonster recently, and while we have been away they have made huge changes to their website which includes the locations of the static $cameras, together with the locations where $cars enforce AND what is being enforced. How jolly decent of them. ;D

Mobile $cameras

Location                                                         Contravention

Ashworth Road - Elgin Avenue                                 51J
Baker Street - Dorset Street                                50R
Brewer Street - Lexington Street                                 51J
Carlton Hill                                                     52G, 50R
Church Street - Penfold Street                              50L, 51J
Church Street - Salisbury Street                                51J
Clifton Road - Lanark Road                                    32T, 50R, 50L
Conduit Street - New Bond Street                        50R
Crawford Street - Gloucester Place                       52G, 50R
Ganton Street - Marshall Street                                   53J
Great Cumberland Place - Bryanston Street                 52G, 32D
Great Windmill Street - Shaftesbury Avenue            32D
Harley Street                                                        32D, 51J
Harrow Road - Sutherland Avenue                          52G
Jermyn Street - Duke of York Street                          32D
Leicester Square - Irving Street                                   51J
Loudon Road - Marlborough Place                          51J
Maida Vale - Elgin Avenue                                          52G
Margaret Street                                                          32D
Old Compton Street - Frith Street                          51J
Old Park Lane (outside Nobu Restaurant)                   51J
Orange Street - Whitcomb Street                       32D, 50L
Piccadilly - Berkeley Street                                          31J
Pimlico Road - Ranelagh Grove                           52G, 32D, 51J
Queensway - Inverness Place                              50R, 51J
Queensway - Porchester Gardens                       50R
Seymour place - Upper Berkeley Street (outside Mason Pub)    51J
Soho Square - Greek Street                                   51J
St. Martins Lane - St. Martin’s Court                           51J
St. Martin’s Lane - William IV Street                           50R
Upper St. Martins Lane - West Street                            51J
Wardour Street - Hollen Street                                  50L, 51J
Wellbeck Street - Wigmore Street                            51J
Wigmore Street - Marylebone Lane                         50R, 51J
Woodfield Road                                                         52G, 51J

Static $cameras

In this instance I cant copy and paste the info. Go to the link below for the locations, but I note that a number of them are used for parking enforcement only, which means that those cameras will shortly become obsolete for such purposes. And the ones that serve a dual purpose will only be used for MTVs.

Apparently some interfering bunch of "vigilantes" and "highwaymen" (according to the BPA Ltd) ratted them out to the government. ;D <Yes!>

Map of $camera locations

Here is a map that shows where the static $cameras are.

List of contravention codes

And finally here is a link to the list of contravention codes referred to in relation to enforcement by CCTV.,3138.msg23549.html#msg23549



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