Author Topic: ANPR Ltd predict they will not be the last to leave BPA Ltd's sinking ship  (Read 4766 times)

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BPA Exodus

There is a mass exodus away from the BPA which is clearly displayed by utilising both the BPA and IPC websites. Currently there are 133 members with websites and 4 with none totalling 137 members. Follow the same practise with the IPC and you'll find 38 with website and 7 without total members 45. The IPC is just a little over 2 year old and whilst the BPA looses 4 members per month from a starting point almost 200 the IPC gains also 4 new members per month. At this rate the IPC will become the dominant ATA in less than a year.




It is rumoured that ANPR Ltd are no longer members of the BPA and that we've been 'Kicked Off' off their Approved Operator Scheme. I can confirm that the rumours are 100% true. Ironically our membership was due to expire in March and we made it blatantly clear we will not be renewing our £5,000 membership.

As expected we anticipated a change long ago and have initiated our contingency plan.



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Couldn't resist.


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While I have no sympathy for the BPA Ltd - they've made this situation themselves through their greed and incompetence - do we really want to see the IPC Ltd (a bunch of  - allegedly - failed clampers and their - allegedly - dodgy solicitors) with their kangaroo court of the IAS left as the sole ATA?

At least with PoPLA and a little help from people like Parking Prankster you can effectivly kick BPA Ltd's members speculative invoices into touch.
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You're a bad man BE.  :rotfl: A very bad man indeed. :rotfl:

Quote from: Some thick-as-you-like-it, knuckle dragging, shit-for-brains ex-clamper
"…………….At this rate the IPC will become the dominant ATA in less than a year."

I'll tell you who won't become the dominant ATA in less than a year. Trevor Shitehouse, that's who. Trevor Shitehouse being the director of ANPR Ltd. Anyway, one of Trev's failed business ventures was The Parking Enforcement Trade Association Ltd


And just as your ribs stopped aching, another of Trev's epic fails, petition to save clamping.

:pmsl:  :pmsl:

And last but by no means least, Trev's utterly biblical fail, £4M sPeCulative iNvoice to HM Treasury!

:pmsl:   :pmsl:   :pmsl:

"Dear Mr Alexander,

Unfortunutly, it has bean nessessary to fit a clamp to your nice black raylings in Parleyment Street. You now have 14 days to pay the £4 000 000 releese fee. If you fail to pay the releese fee, I will, without further notiss, spit my dummy out, throw all my toys out of the pram, and post lots of narsty fings about you on the intanet.

Yours Sinseerly

His Nibs, el presidente, Trevor Shitehouse."
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