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Westminster $chunt 12th March 2011
« on: 13 March, 2011, 05:11:04 PM »
Hi guys, ;D

Got up to (cough! a honey pot at around 7.50am)  called BE back as id missed his call, and then Bomber, Bomber arrived and we waited and waited, but no show from the $car, so I stayed put and Bomber went off to check the usual spots, he was gone for hour or so, so i checked in on him, as I called he had just pulled up beside the missing $car! whooo, I'm extra happy now we have the $car ;D, I go back to the pen as its tea time. And Esinem arrives.... ;D
After a chat and good laugh with Bomber & Esinem,.We assisted the car for most of the day..Esinem peels off later with other commitments,
Later after lunchtime break, we take off with the scar, but in town we come across another $car which looks like its doing MT,we split on two cars, Bomber tells me his is doing Moving too , so I put a shout out for help as I'm now at Saville Row and I cant leave the bike, and I'm not losing this $car!!!
The $car is playing up by putting his indicators on and then off, and starting up the engine and moving forwards and reversing, for no apparent reason. ::). BE phones and Killswitch is on his way, then all of a sudden I see Bomber at the bottom of Saville Row, and his car is doing ANPR now so he stays with me. ;D
My bike was very hot, and my legs felt like they were on fire!,  (I'm thinking this is not going to work for me in the summer, need a different bike) only 10 Min's later the $car realises it cant make a penny and moves off.
We did lots of nonstop touring, but not the usual spots and kept returning to Ambercorn Place (No Lorry's 7.5ton) We also went to Fifth Ave, but not for long
Back to the pen at 5.45, and the the Killswitch, Belpas-ca,Kiwi and turn up, we did have a good laugh :rotfl:

Whilst at the pen, Two member of the CCTV crew decide to call us over, and I did found it quite shocking that after calling the police on Jonesy last week for filming at Clifton Rd, The the driver and crew member have the cheek to call us over and request for an escort in order for us to assist them for the evening!!!!!!Rant over >:(.... Think belpasca got some of this on film.

Right... we were off to Lambeth with Killswitch leading the way, as it would be an 1.45 mins or so before the WCC night shift come out, and i did intend to go back to the WC pen.
Parking Warrior phone's to us to check in, he is on a solo $chunt, so we went to assist him ;D, we were only there a short time before the police turned up, and they were very friendly indeed, and wished us luck and then told us to ride safe (but we do that anyway) ;D, Kill switch went to talk to the council staff and gave them a copy of SOI, they were not happy at first, but there OK i think, Killswitch can tell you more...Its 7.30 and 3 of the day shift $car's return and after going into the pen they come out and are polite and say hi ;D, a little while later we take off to assist the first $car to leave the pen and go on tour, its started raining and i had left my n-com lead at the pen so we head back, its now around 8.40ish so I'm starting to feel kinda tired of dr00L ,as Ive been riding since 6.30! .....Kiwi escort me and Billie out of town, :aplude: thank you Kiwi, i split off from Kiwi at the Black Heath and got home at 9.50 with a very black face and a big grin and very tired :dancing: ;D

 :aplude: :aplude:  :aplude:  WELL DONE TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED WITH THE $CHUNTING TODAY    :aplude: :aplude: :aplude:

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Re: Westminster $chunt 12th March 2011
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But it woz u that was doing it....with ur sweets :bashy:
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