Author Topic: Plymouth Herald - Council spy car which snaps rule-breaking motorists is banned  (Read 2233 times)

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Council spy car which snaps rule-breaking motorists is banned

THE council's controversial camera car is to be banned from patrolling the streets of Plymouth.

The Government has passed a new law which will force local councils to stop using the vehicles to catch rule-breaking motorists.

The long-called for ban will now become law through the Deregulation Bill, following a 3-month consultation, it has been confirmed.

Tickets will have to be fixed to the windscreen by parking wardens, making it illegal for councils to issue penalty charge notices to drivers using just the CCTV spy cars that currently patrol roads for on-street parking enforcement.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said: “CCTV spy cars can be seen lurking on every street raking in cash for greedy councils and breaking the rules that clearly state that fines should not be used to generate profit for town halls.

“Over-zealous parking enforcement and unreasonable stealth fines by post undermine the high street, push up the cost of living and cost local authorities more in the long term.

“Today the Government is taking urgently needed action to ban this clear abuse of CCTV, which should be used to catch criminals, and not as a cash cow.”

The Herald reported in April how the camera car had netted more than £700,000 from motorists in the last five years.

Figures showed the total parking fines Plymouth City Council had collected through the CCTV car was £724,129.

Plymouth City Council started using their camera car in 2010.

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I'm learning about this.

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