Author Topic: TV detector vans my hairy arse!  (Read 1811 times)

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TV detector vans my hairy arse!
« on: 25 June, 2015, 05:53:12 PM »
Ive just seen an interesting article from the people who warned me about TV detector vans,

Apparently there's a secret code on banknotes that photocopiers and scanners recognise, and print a warning about the legalities of copying banknotes rather than the image of the banknote itself. Now, because the copying of banknotes is illegal, there was no way for me to actually test this as if I were to, I would be breaking the law and as I don't work in parking enforcement, I can't get away with breaking the law so I had to use my imagination instead. Anyway, after hypothetically using my imagination, I imagined that if I were to try to copy a £20 note, which I didn't of course but if I were to, that a perfect colour image of the £20 might appear rather than the fabled unicorn warning described in the article. Because I have a vivid imagination, I imagined that this might work for both sides.

I do hope that none of you try to scan a banknote as this is considered to be very naughty indeed but I wonder if you have a vivid imagination like mine, what you imagine the results would be if you were to try copying a banknote (which you wouldn't of course as this would be very naughty).

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Re: TV detector vans my hairy arse!
« Reply #1 on: 03 July, 2015, 10:52:05 AM »
On this theme...

All colour printers repeat a unique matrix of tiny yellow 'flecks' on every piece of paper that passes through them, this is linked to the printers serial number and is to assist in anti-fraud detection; I was first aware of this back in 2002 when I bought a hugely expensive laser printer for my business and I complained to Minolta about these flecks. Don't believe me, take an eye glass to a colour printed page some time...
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