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We all know where this idea will end up don't we.


South Somerset - Idea tabled for two hours free parking to reinvigorate district's high streets

SHOPPERS could soon enjoy two hours of free parking in car parks across the South Somerset District.

District councillor for Blackdown ward Martin Wale has suggested the idea and called for an investigation into the feasibility of it.

It is hoped that having two hours of free car parking in areas that currently charge for parking would reinvigorate high street shopping in South Somerset.

According to the 2015/16 budget book the district council expects an income of £2,482,100 from its car parks against an expenditure of £1,158,470, giving an excess of £1,323,630.

In a report prepared for councillors Mr Wale said: "We, as a council, have been discussing what to do about the decline of our High Streets for some years.

"There are, of course, a number of factors such as the economic downturn, internet shopping and changing shopping habits to be considered but the cost of parking is always in the discussion.

"This investigation to identify the towns whose local economy may be improved by the introduction, or retention, of a period of free parking, including the impact of a reduction in the parking subsidy that may be paid by some communities.

"An initial period of free parking in all car parks would show a commitment to our communities' concerns and should be one of a number of initiatives undertaken by all concerned to try to reverse this High Street decline."

A report, with the full cost to the council, both in loss of income and reequipment, is to be brought back to the council for their October meeting.


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