Author Topic: 'It's more than my job's worth': Parking ticket for car shunted in crash  (Read 1362 times)

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'It's more than my job's worth': Parking ticket for car shunted in crash

Parking wardens don't have discretionary powers

A DRIVER who parked in Wadebridge returned to find his car had not only been crashed into but the impact had shunted it over a double yellow line and he'd been given a parking ticket.

The sports car was left correctly parked in Cross Street, on Wednesday morning. A few hours later, shopkeepers heard a loud bang – and saw that a large 4x4 had accidentally reversed into it.

The impact knocked the parked car into the wall of the adjacent building, and left it badly damaged. Witnesses said the driver of the 4x4 left a note on the windscreen of the sports car in the absence of the owner, but the force of the collision had moved the sports car several feet and left it partially covering a double yellow line.

Later that day, a traffic warden arrived. He took several photographs of the scene, including one of the note left by the driver of the 4x4, but then wrote out a fixed penalty notice, which he attached to the windscreen of the damaged car.

One witness, who asked not to be named, said she heard the warden tell onlookers that he was aware of the circumstances, and that the owner of the car would be able to appeal against the penalty notice. "But he said it was more than his job was worth not to issue the parking ticket," she said.

"He said he had no choice and that he was only doing his job. It seems ridiculous. The owner of the sports car had done nothing wrong and his day had already been ruined by having someone crash into it."

A local shopkeeper said: "I used to work with traffic wardens in a previous job and in those days they were allowed to exercise some common sense.

"I don't know who I feel more sorry for – the driver of the sports car or the traffic warden. Issuing a parking ticket in these circumstances was just ludicrous."

Attempts by the Cornish Guardian to trace the owner of the sports car have so far been unsuccessful.

Cornwall Council said it could not comment on the specific detail of this case, but issued a statement saying officers do not have discretionary powers over issuing penalty charge notices regardless of the circumstances.

It added: "They are advised to take photographs of any notes left on vehicles and add them to the case file which then enables them to be taken into account by the officers responsible for parking enforcement in Cornwall when they are considering any mitigating circumstances when a challenge against the issue of a penalty charge notice is received."

It is not known if the traffic warden in this case is the same one who gave a ticket to a local nurse outside a chemist's shop last year as she was on her way to a dying cancer patient.

On that occasion, Cornwall Council again backed the warden and refused appeals against the parking fine.

It was eventually forced to apologise when its decision was overturned by a tribunal.

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Well we knew the job was worth f%^k all anyway.
If there is a tourist come we can't shoot them?


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