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What to do if you get a PCN
« on: 24 November, 2010, 02:53:40 AM »
There are a number of useful sites that will help you with free advice or a very cheap service (£5-£10). I've listed a couple below.  Key advice includes:

  • Take photos of the signs, road markings and anything else relevant. They are often unenforceable
  • Keep the envelope any documents came in, the date on the post mark could be vital
  • Double check everything on the PCN or any photo evidence. Is it all correct and contradictory
  • Make scans of the PCN, forums will need these
  • Don't ignore the PCN, it won't go away. Act swiftly

Don't be afraid to appeal. You have nothing to lose and a good chance of winning. It is like a game of poker where they generally try to 'bluff' you into 'folding' at their first rejection. Don't be fooled, they will rarely 'see you', especially if you, if you 'raise them' by seeking an adjudicators hearing at PATAS.
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