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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #180 on: 12 August, 2019, 08:38:36 AM »
Family fined despite never parking at notorious Plymouth car park

Britannia Parking fined the Fell family £100 for queuing in a car park - the company has since decided to drop the matter altogether

Happy family - Hannah and Andrew Fell with their six-year-old daughter Olivia

A couple were left in disbelief after they were fined £100 by a private parking firm - for spending too long queuing for a space in a car park.

Hannah and Andrew Fell thought it would be a lovely idea to take their six-year-old daughter Olivia to the National Marine Aquarium during their summer break away in the South West.

They drove up from their holiday cottage in Padstow, Cornwall, and thought it'd be a good idea to drop their BMW 3 Series off in Plymouth's multi-storey Harbour Car Park.

But that's when their ordeal began.

"We started queuing as we went through the door - there weren't any signs to say it was full or that there weren't any spaces available," Hannah, 42, said.

The Fell family failed to find a space in the Britannia Parking operated car park - yet still received a fine

"We went all the way up to the top of the car park, and at that point I threw my husband and daughter out, saying head on over to the aquarium whilst I try to find a space.

"It was another 20 minutes that went by before I managed to get back down again because the queue was so big."

Flustered, Hannah managed to get out and find a space at Drake Circus' car park before walking all the way back up to the aquarium to meet her family.

Hannah says she was then left in total disbelief after a £100 fine courtesy of Britannia Parking dropped through the door back home in Cambridgeshire.

Olivia thankfully still managed to enjoy a trip to the aquarium - whilst her mum tried to park the car (Image: Hannah Fell)

The firm said its cameras had clocked them travelling in at 11.50am on July 30 and leaving at 12.23pm - having not paid for a ticket.

But Hannah says she never found a space so the fine seems ridiculous.

She said she was inspired to speak out after Catherine Lovell revealed she too had been fined by Britannia Parking after failing to find a parking space at the Harbour Car Park.

The company stood by its decision to fine Ms Lovell because she had spent 50 minutes in a queue.

"I never stepped foot out of my car to park," Hannah said. "I was impacted in that I couldn't actually leave.

"I was stuck in traffic, worming my way out after I had reached the top just like everybody else, we were all trying to get out."

Hannah said she and her husband have desperately tried to appeal the fine issued to them in the post on August 9.

She said the reference number wasn't recognised online and staff weren't taking her calls.

But now it's emerged the fine isn't actually valid anymore.

Britannia Parking told Plymouth Live it has decided to cancel the Fell family's penalty charge notice after carrying out an investigation into the circumstances. But the Fell family said they had not been told until contacted by Plymouth Live.

All of our signs and procedures meet the industry’s Approved Operators Code of Conduct, including those at the Harbour Car Park in Plymouth.

“We are a reputable car park operator and manager of more than 25 years’ standing, and a member of the British Parking Association.”


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