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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #210 on: 01 January, 2021, 12:58:14 PM »

The British Parking Association for car park operators told The Sunday Telegraph that ANPR was “99 per cent accurate”.

A spokesman said: “Problems can arise when they drive very close together if there is a queue or the weather is poor. There can be instances where old plates are not read properly.”

See full article below for context


Free car parking loophole is being exploited by classic car owners - Here’s how it works

CLASSIC car owners in Britain are exploiting a parking loophole in Britain which allows them to avoid paying any parking charges.

Classic car owners in the UK are getting free parking due to the exploitation of a loophole. Certain car parks across Britain use high-technology cameras to enforce fines and punishments. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) software is used to scan the car registration plate when it enters and exits the car park, noting down the time and details of the plate. Some car parks do not even have barriers in place to prevent drivers from entering and exiting the car park.

Classic car owners are managing to get away without paying these fees due to the usual non-standard number plates allowed on vehicles made before 1975.

Rules introduced in 2015 allows the use of the silver and black number plates on ‘historic vehicles’.

This move has caused some confusion with the technology which is failing to pick up the licence details as it does not follow the standard plate format.

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs told The Sunday Telegraph that as many as 20 of its members had been exploiting the loophole.

The silver and black number plates aren't being recognised by ANPR cameras (Image: GETTY)

“In the cases of supermarkets you wouldn’t be challenged at all because the system simply wouldn’t recognise you had ever been there,” a spokesman said.

Editor of the Classic Car David Sinister detailed how has been enjoying the free parkignbeneftis of owning a classic car.

The vintage MGB GT driver told The Sunday Telegraph: “The car park I used wasn’t barrier-operated, so when you drove in it had a little LCD matrix screen which will tell you your registration number and how long you were allowed to park there – but it would never recognise it.

“I could park there at 8am, go shopping all day, leave it there for a week and nobody would be any the wiser.

“For me personally, it’s not been a bad thing, but I appreciate it does have more serious implications.”

Despite the National Police Chief Council (NPCC) admitted that the plate could be misread, they are really involved in any criminality as they are often very easily identifiable.

The British Parking Association for car park operators told The Sunday Telegraph that ANPR was “99 per cent accurate”.

A spokesman said: “Problems can arise when they drive very close together if there is a queue or the weather is poor. There can be instances where old plates are not read properly.”

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #211 on: 27 January, 2021, 12:46:27 PM »

War veteran wins battle to get 'monstrous' £100 parking ticket cancelled
Car park owners Falmouth Harbour Commissioners cancelled the fine issued by Civil Enforcement Ltd in their car park after Cornwall Live contacted them

13:24, 20 JAN 2021UPDATED13:47, 20 JAN 2021

94-year-old Henry Philp, with his wife outside his car in Helston

A Cornish Second World War veteran who received a £100 parking charge after incorrectly entering a small part of his number plate at a car park has had the fine cancelled after Cornwall Live intervened in his case.

Henry Philp, 94, who served with the Royal Artillery in the Second World War was given the “monstrous” fine after he mis-input two letters of his registration plate when visiting Custom House Quay car park in Falmouth in November. After receiving a number of fine letters branded from the private company, Civil Enforcement Ltd, which enforces parking at the car park owned by Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, his daughter contacted Cornwall Live.

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners cancelled the parking fine after contact was made by the family with the guidance of one of our reporters, leaving Mr Philp “delighted” by the result.

He said: “I feel excellent, absolutely delighted to hear that the fine was cancelled. I felt it all left a bit of a bad taste and I learned that I am far from the only one to have received one. It feels like motorists are a threatened species.

"I’m so pleased Cornwall Live did what they set out to do after my daughter got in touch and brought a bit of sanity to it all. I was incensed and so was my daughter and that’s why she contacted you.

“I’m so pleased it’s something less to worry about. As you get older when this sort of thing happens it can get to you as things worry you more.”

Mr Philp also felt that the system involving registration plates unfairly punished older motorists. “When you get older, things get a bit harder to do than for younger people, such as those who probably designed this system don’t realise," he said. "They were small, silver buttons placed low and it’s harder to see if you’re my age, so it’s much easier to make a mistake.

“I think it’s bad how you can be punished for a slight error without any consideration given into the fact that you tried to act honestly, and could prove that. Most people go to the machine, pay their dues and pay for their space and don’t think anything else of it.”

The parking fine letter, with "Civil Enforcement" branding that Mr Philp received.

While he felt that Falmouth Harbour Commissioners were “extremely helpful” in how they dealt with the complaint once brought to their attention, Mr Philp described the actions of Creative Parking Ltd, also known as Civil Enforcement, as “like that of a money-making racket”. He said: “The Civil Enforcement were disgraceful. They thought they were being magnanimous in offering a small discount to the fine after the circumstances were explained but frankly it wasn’t good enough because they were still aiming to get their money.

"I think something needs to be done about issues like mine where I’ve paid their dues and just made a mistake, although I’m pleased the commissioners did the right thing I suspect there’s many that don’t get the same luck. It feels wrong to me.”

Mr Philp added as words of caution to others: “Always make sure you keep your tickets. I’m glad I did. I did reflect on that afterwards, that sometimes people get rid of their tickets because they thought, 'Parking paid, been and gone, it’s all done' and if I’d done that I would have no way of proving I paid for my ticket. Keeping the car tidy could have cost me £100."

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #212 on: 28 January, 2021, 07:38:55 PM »
Many years ago when I was in business, I employed a couple people and one of them always had trouble with numbers. He always managed to transpose figures in the part numbers. This is quite a common problem and can easily happen when inputting registration numbers in ticket machines.  These machines and their ANPR equivalents should be taken out of service. They're no fit for purpose.

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #213 on: 01 February, 2021, 10:11:41 AM »
I one four could not agree more!
Willing to do my bit...

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #214 on: 02 February, 2021, 02:19:38 PM »

A photo taken when entering and exiting a car park IS NOT PROOF OF PARKING


23rd January 2021

Driver’s warning after £100 fine from north Carlisle car park he couldn't park in

No spaces: Heads Lane car park, Carlisle. There was no spaces available at the time

A MOTORIST is warning others after he received a parking fine for entering a city carpark to look for a space, leaving minutes later because it was full.

Hilton Sanderson entered the Heads Lane car park, at West Walls, Carlisle in December, he drove around the car park for five minutes before leaving because there were no spaces available.

Much to Mr Sanderson’s shock a letter arrived in the post only days later informing him that he had been charged for his five minute stay in the car park, despite him not parking, leaving his vehicle or anyone entering his vehicle.

He explained: “I was on West Walls and when I went into the car park to park and there were no spaces so I came back out again and a week later I got a ticket. So I wrote to them telling them I hadn’t parked, I’d just gone into park and there were no signs telling the car park was full.

“I didn’t get out the car and no one got in the car and I didn’t park. I just went in turned, waited until another car went passed me and then came out again.”

After Mr Sanderson wrote to the Carparkingpartnership (CPP) they turned down his appeal. Now, Mr Sanderson has written to the company parking on private land appeals (POPLA) and is waiting for a form to a appeal the decision.

He has been charged £100 for the charge and doesn’t intent to pay this. Mr Sanderson is wanting to warn others that they could fall victim to the same thing.

When he first received the letter in the post this was quite a shock to him, especially because he didn’t park and doesn’t believe he has committed a crime.

‘It was a real shock because I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Mr Sanderson.

“If I’d been parking when I should have been or there was some parking offence I would have just paid up and admitted to it. You can see I entered at 12.30pm and left at 12.35pm. I’m not disputing the fact I was there, just the fact I didn’t park.”

Mr Sanderson’s hope was that when he wrote to CPP and explained what had happened they would quash the parking charge and he would be able to move on.

In the letter he wrote to them he said: “On the date and time stated on your parking charge notice I did enter the car park but was unable to find a vacant parking space.

“I waited until I was able to turn and leave the car park. As your cameras will show I did not get out of the car and no one got in. This was reflected in the short time I was there, five minutes. I consider this parking demand a complete waste of time and have no intention of paying such a ridiculous amount for something that was beyond my control. Also, there was no indication that the car park was full.”

Mr Sanderson then received a letter back which read: “I advise you that your recent bill has been unsuccessful.”

A Parkingeye spokesman said: “The motorist on this occasion chose to appeal via POPLA, an independent body which reviews all parking disputes. It ruled against the motorist and upheld the PCN.”

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #215 on: 22 February, 2021, 11:06:22 AM »

Hemel man warns others after receiving 'ridiculous' parking fine at Tesco
Horizon have now cancelled the parking charge notice

By Holly Patel
Tuesday, 2nd February 2021, 12:09 pm

A man from Hemel Hempstead is warning others after receiving a 'ridiculous' parking fine for exceeding the maximum stay period at Tesco.

Tony received the parking fine notice from Horizon Parking Ltd on Friday, January 22, after visiting the supermarket at Jarman Park.

The letter says he stayed from 2pm on Friday, January 8, through to 1pm the next day (January 9).

He said: "I had gone to Tesco on the way home from work on the Friday lunchtime and forgot a couple of things so had to do a repeat trip the next day.

"From my address, which they obviously had since they sent me a letter, it would have been pretty clear that I would not have left a car at Jarman Park, made my way several miles home (with or without shopping) and returned the next day.

"It's a ridiculous fine, perhaps it's not their fault, just faulty software – but they are happy to send out a quite threatening letter demanding £70, reduced to £30 'if paid within 14 days of the days of the date of this letter'.

"I want to share my experience and raise awareness so if anyone else has to go through this, it might save them a bit of time.

"I filled out an online form to contest the charge, but would have to wait up to 45 days for an answer. I tried phoning the store and it's an automated phone system which pretty much said 'not our problem, contact the parking firm'.

"I then went to the store and the manager told me it was not their problem, but eventually they took my letter and said they would contact the company.

"No apology though, and no acknowledgement that if Tesco have subcontracted parking checks they might actually retain some responsibility for their customer experience.

"I want to make people aware of this issue so they don't have to experience this very frustrating situation.

"From my experience contacting Tesco by phone was pointless, but going to the store, the staff were helpful in the end, and it may have influenced Horizon to back off, or they might have cancelled it without Tesco helping."

Tony was contacted by Horizon this week, informing him that the Parking Charge Notice had now been cancelled and no further action would be taken.

He said: "I received an email from Horizon saying that after investigating they have cancelled the fine.

"It said there was an error with the technology, which resulted in the fine, they did also say that they are constantly trying to improve the system.

"I understand these things happen but I just want to save someone else the time if this happens to them."

Tesco say there have not been any other reports of parking charges issued incorrectly at the store

A Tesco spokesperson said: “In car parks where there is a high demand for spaces we place a time limit on parking so that we can make sure our customers are able to find a space.

"In this case, a parking charge notice was issued in error and we are sorry that this happened.”

The Hemel Gazette has contacted Horizon Parking for a comment on this story but is yet to receive a response.

The Gazette called Horizon Parking and was directed to the websiteas the customer service helpline was currently unavailable due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #216 on: 03 March, 2021, 08:33:50 AM »

It has to be wrong when the law has been twisted to the extent that a private parking company can force you to prove your innocence in a court, when everyone else has the presumption of innocence until proven guilty


Woman charged £160 after stay at NCP multi-storey car park in Portsmouth city centre vows to take her fight to court

A WOMAN who claims she was unfairly ticketed in a Portsmouth car park says she will take her fight to court – and she is calling on others affected to form an action group.

Monday, 22nd February 2021, 9:47 pm

Joanne Etherington, of Hayling Island, received a parking charge from car park operator NCP after she parked in its multi-storey car park in Crasswell Street on August 16.

The 52-year-old carer had stayed for just under two hours, however when she went to pay, she said the machine would not accept her card.

She said: ‘I went to go and pay but the machine would not take my £2 coin as it was not accepting change due to Covid.

‘I went to put my card in instead and it just wouldn’t work.

‘Originally it would not accept it, and when I tried a second time, the transaction seemed to go through but two weeks later I received a charge notice saying I owed £160.

‘I have appealed but they say as several other payments had been made by other people on the same day then my appeal was not successful.

NCP car park in Crasswell Street, Portsmouth.

‘Now they are threatening to take me to court. I am more than happy to go in front of a district judge and say my case.

‘There is obviously a problem with the machine. I would like to get a group together to show that it’s not just me, that there are many more people having this problem.’

Joanne, a mum of three, got in touch with The News after reading about a similar case, where Allan and Sheila Birt, from Southsea, experienced problems paying by card in December, so left the car park after 11 minutes and still received a charge.

They said the machine was faulty, and that others had also been experiencing problems, however parking firm NCP said this was not the case. They have now settled their case after NCP agreed to drop the charge to £20.

Joanne said this was just one of many other cases that she has heard about.

She said: ‘It is just an easy way for them to make money, especially when fewer people are using their car parks due to the pandemic.

‘My case happened in August, Mr and Mrs Birt’s happened in December, so it just shows that NCP was aware there was a problem but that it has not been fixed.

‘How much money have they made in that time? It is a lot of hassle to appeal and the letters can come across as very threatening and official so other people may pay up.

‘I hope I can help others.’


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