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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #225 on: 24 May, 2021, 11:48:26 AM »

"We are however investing in further measures, including SMS notifications to customers who enter a vehicle registration when paying which doesn’t match a vehicle registration picked up by the cameras,..."

So it appears that the systems CAN be adapted so as to alert motorists they have entered the wrong VRM. Makes you wonder why all parking wea$els don't do this in all their car parks doesn't it?  :idea:

I believe that's called a rhetorical question btw.


Retired butcher angered by £100 fine for parking at The Mall in Maidstone which he says he paid for

By Rhys Griffiths
Published: 06:00, 20 May 2021 | Updated: 16:07, 20 May 2021

A retired butcher has hit out at a new parking system after receiving meaty bills in the post.

The new digital set-up at The Mall in Maidstone was launched to great fanfare earlier this spring - but John Jenner says he and other motorists are being hit with fines despite paying to park and some may even boycott the shopping centre as a result.

Former Marden butcher John Jenner was fined after parking at The Mall in Maidstone - despite paying for his parking

The car park underwent a digital transformation to make it Covid-secure in February. became its new operator and the company removed the barriers on both entry and exit to reduce the need for any physical contact.

At the time it was announced users of the 1,050-space car park would be able to pay on their mobile phone and could even use their phone to reserve a space in advance. has admitted that a "small percentage" of customers have received a PCN due to entering their incorrect vehicle registration when paying, and are investing in further measures to prevent shoppers like Mr Jenner being shocked when they receive a hefty ticket.

His latest fine will be cancelled upon him contacting the firm, they have confirmed.

Mr Jenner used the car park for a brief visit to the Pads Hill shopping centre on April 30 and used his bank card to pay £2 to leave his Ford Focus while he shopped.

However, just days later, the 74-year-old was shocked to receive a demand for payment of a £100 fine.

Mr Jenner said: "I went to The Mall to buy something and was in there less than an hour. I paid the £2 parking fee by debit card and left.

"Then later I received a parking charge notice saying I had to pay £100, I assume for non-payment. I checked my bank and the £2 had been taken from my account.

"Many people have trouble with this firm's new payment system, especially the elderly. I have seen many people struggling with this system. Some have just paid their fine without appealing, you can only do this on their website.

"This should not be allowed to continue. This firm needs seriously sorting out."

The Mall car park in Maidstone underwent a digital transformation earlier this year

Mr Jenner, who lives in Hedley Street in Maidstone, says he shared his story on a local Facebook group and many others came forward to say they had experienced similar issues.

"Many say they will boycott The Mall because of this," he said. "Which will badly impact the few shops that remain in the centre."

Grant Robbins, a senior account manager at, said: "Since going live at The Mall we have become aware of a small percentage of customers that have received a PCN due to entering their incorrect vehicle registration when paying. This has affected just under 1.5% of customers, with over 98.5% of customers entering their correct vehicle registration when paying.

"Mr Jenner received three PCNs for entering the incorrect vehicle registration on three separate occasions. All three PCNs were cancelled. Unfortunately we can only provide the vehicle registration we are provided with to the enforcement company to whitelist.

"We are however investing in further measures, including SMS notifications to customers who enter a vehicle registration when paying which doesn’t match a vehicle registration picked up by the cameras, to eliminate the risk of customers not realising that they may have entered an incorrect vehicle registration.

"Importantly, any customer who paid but entered the incorrect vehicle registration when paying should notify us or the enforcement company directly. The PCN will be cancelled."

Mr Jenner said: "I'm wondering what has happened to the people who have paid £100 or £60 who haven't realised they could appeal.

"The penalty charge is excessive anyway. If they know you have made an error when entering your registration number, why send a penalty notice? I dread to think how many people have received these notices through simple errors."

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #226 on: 30 May, 2021, 05:54:44 PM »

Woman, 85, slapped with £100 parking fine for seven-minute stay as meter ‘wouldn’t take cash’

Adriana Elgueta
13:06, 26 May 2021Updated: 15:27, 26 May 2021

A WOMAN was hit with a £100 fine for a seven-minute stay after a parking meter wouldn't take her coins.

Ann Bonnett, 85, had taken her husband Terry, 87, for a haircut when they tried to pay for parking.

Ann and Terry Bonnett were hit with a £100 parking fine

The couple had only stayed at the car park in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham for seven minutes

The couple battled to get a ticket for seven minutes before giving up and leaving to find another car park in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham.

But to their disbelief, a £100 fine landed on their doormat around a week later after being clocked on CCTV.

Mrs Bonnett told Teesside Live: "My husband couldn't get the money in, I couldn't get it in, it just would not accept it.

"My husband said we can't park here, we will have to go to another car park, which we did.

"Last week we got a parking ticket, it says (we stayed) seven minutes.

"We just couldn't get the money in, we just thought it was ridiculous.

"It says 'time in car park seven minutes'. It's outrageous."

She added: "They said you can pay by mobile phone but we haven't got a mobile phone.

"If we had stayed there for two hours then fair enough.

"We tried £1 coins and £2 coins, we tried about 10 and it just wouldn't accept them."

Parking Eye cancelled the fine after the couple lodged an appeal.

A spokesman for the firm told The Sun Online: "The motorist used the car park without paying and therefore they were sent a parking charge notice.

"The car park has eight prominent signs throughout clearly stating that motorists need to pay for parking, as well as two payment machines and phone options provided for payment.

“All motorists are entitled to appeal via POPLA, the independent appeals service. Following an appeal by the motorist, the charge was cancelled as a gesture of goodwill.”

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #227 on: 01 June, 2021, 04:04:28 PM »

Lawyer takes on parking company over ‘unfair’ fines

Wednesday, 5 May 2021 - Transport

Lawyer Sara Powell said she was “shocked” by the number of similar incidents at the car park in Llangrannog

A lawyer who overturned an “unfair” parking ticket in Llangrannog car park says she is shocked at the number of people who have come forward to say the received unfair fines too.

Sara Powell, from New Quay, received a fine for overstaying in the car park, managed by One Parking Solutions, despite leaving within the time limit of her ticket.

Sara said she parked in Llangrannog car park on Friday, 9 April at 1.30pm. She paid for up to two hours of parking and left the car park at 3.15pm.

However, she was still issued with a £100 parking charge notice for overstaying.

Sara had retained her original ticket and so was able to prove that she did not overstay, and overturned the fine.

But she said many others would not have kept their ticket and said she was “shocked” by the number of people who have also received “unfair fines”.

“I received a fine from them for allegedly overstaying,” Sara explained.

“Fortunately I kept my ticket and as demonstrated by photos, the machine must be faulty.

“This is really serious as I know many people who have been accused of overstaying but haven’t been able to disprove it as they haven’t kept their ticket.

“I put up a Facebook post to alert people and was shocked by the number of people who had received unfair fines, ones they felt they shouldn’t pay.

“I’m a lawyer so familiar with the law and clearly if there is an issue with the machine then this may apply retrospectively.

“For all we know the machine may always have been faulty.

“I’m helping a friend out with her case now as the parking company have now taken her to court so I said I would represent her.”

One Parking Solutions has come in for heavy scrutiny recently.

In September 2019, Ceredigion MP Ben Lake met with “disgruntled” Llangrannog residents who said unfair parking notices were having a negative impact on the community.

The Cambrian News reported, in August 2019, that motorists were receiving fines because the ticket machine did not work and they did not have phone signal to pay via the app or phone.

“What concerns me is how this can be allowed to happen,” Sara added.

“This is not just a civil issue anymore. Who knows how long it has been going on for. In cases such as this there is usually a presumption that the machine is accurate.

“Clearly it is not but how many people have paid a fine because they didn’t keep their ticket?”

One Parking Solutions has been approached for a comment.

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #228 on: 01 June, 2021, 04:11:03 PM »
No apology for ‘stress’ of £100 parking fine mistake

Thursday, 21 November 2019 - Transport

John and Terina Kidby of Aberystwyth were left angry after receiving an unjustified parking fine through the post. The fine was eventually cancelled but the couple are warning others about their experience

An Aberystwyth woman who was threatened with a £100 fine after parking in Llangrannog Beach’s notorious car park is warning fellow motorists to keep hold of their tickets.

Having left the car park with half an hour to go on their ticket, Terina Kidby and husband were shocked to subsequently receive a £100 fine through the post.

It stated they had either paid an insufficient fee or their ticket had not been displayed.

Fortunately the couple were able to prove their innocence by finding the ticket was still in their vehicle - three weeks after the event.

“We paid for our ticket within two minutes of arriving at the car park and displayed it on the dashboard – we did everything by the book,” Mrs Kidby told the Cambrian News.

“We often go to Llangrannog as it’s a special place for my husband’s cousin which carries precious reminders of her late husband.

“But now I’m afraid we will never go to Llangrannog again – certainly not in the high season when parking is non-existent.

“After we proved we had paid our parking fee we had a letter back saying the matter would not be pursued – there was no apology for the mistake they’d made and the amount of stress they’d caused.

“How many visitors who hadn’t kept their tickets would have paid up thinking they’d stayed beyond their allotted time?”

One Parking Solution has been asked to comment but none was received by the time of publication.

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #229 on: 14 June, 2021, 10:44:19 AM »

Wicksteed Park 'sorry' after visitors wrongly given parking fines
They're revoking many fines which have been handed out

By Sam Wildman
Thursday, 10th June 2021, 10:56 am
Thursday, 10th June 2021, 10:58 am

Wicksteed Park has apologised and promised to revoke parking fines after a number of visitors were wrongly hit with a penalty charge.

Since the much-loved Kettering park re-opened earlier this year a new ANPR parking system has been in place without barriers, which is run by private firm Parking Eye after the operation was outsourced.

Visitors now have to enter their registration to pay for their stay before leaving the car park, with charges of £3 (up to two hours), £4 (up to three hours) and £6 (up to 24 hours).

But in recent weeks many people who visited the park off Barton Road and correctly paid have reported receiving a fine in the post.

This morning a park spokesman confirmed they would be revoking fines which were incorrectly sent out and apologised for causing worry.

They said: "It has come to our attention that our parking system providers have issued fines in error, which has meant some customers who have paid for their parking have received fines.

"Anyone who has received a fine between May 29 and June 6, please don't worry.

"We have arranged for every one of these fines to be revoked. You will receive confirmation of this shortly.

"We are sorry for any worry this may have caused, but please be assured that the fines from the above dates have now been revoked and will not need to be paid."

Many park users took to social media to complain about wrongly being given a fine.

One regular said: "Received a £70 fine through the post this morning, stating I had not payed (sic) for parking on a visit earlier this month.

"By good fortune we still had the ticket (how lucky is that) and our bank account shows the £3 was taken. Now all the hassle of sending an appeal to the company."

Another said: "It is stopping me wanting to go to the park. I have an annual pass and still got a fine (not during this period but at the beginning of May)."

And another said they would be appealing their £70 fine after paying in cash and not keeping their ticket.

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #230 on: 09 July, 2021, 06:51:49 AM »

Billy battled big parking fine after buying ticket from 'wrong' car park due to broken machine

He still got fined despite both car parks being owned by same firm, metres apart

ByKelley Price
12:49, 16 JUN 2021

Billy bought a ticket from the West Row car park, metres away from where he parked

A man was hit with a big parking fine for buying a ticket metres away, from the next car park - because the machine was broken.

Billy Watson couldn't get a valid ticket for the Brad's Bar Car Park in Stockton because the machine was out of use - so he bought one from the West Row car park next-door.

He still got slapped with a big fine, despite both car parks being operated by the same firm.

Read more : Fraud-accused family's home stripped of furniture as 'horrendous' two-year court case dropped

Car park operator Excel has since quashed the penalty.

But Billy, from Berwick Hills, says he was pressured by the firm after they initially threw out his appeal - and told him to go to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS), which would mean him losing the right to pay a reduced fine.

He refused to pay Excel, even saying he was prepared to go to court.

The company has since had a change of heart, agreeing to cancel his fine.

Billy said he felt like he was not being treated fairly "through no fault" of his own, when Excel's machine was "not fit for purpose".

To sign up for Teesside Live news updates, go here

He said: "I took a photo of the machine out of service but I also went to the adjacent car park operated by the same company and I purchased a ticket.

"The machine was 80 feet away from the broken one.

"I checked that the machine was from the same company and the fees were the same as I would normally pay.

"I purchased the ticket and displayed it as normal in my vehicle and went about my day.

"Over two weeks later, I received a parking fine which was out of the blue.

"I always keep my tickets just in case of an issue.

"I appealed and contacted the company and explained the above, sending them photos of the machine which I took on the day, a picture of the ticket and how close the machine was that I paid to my parked car.

"The company would not change as they said it was a different car park.."

Billy says the company pressured him, saying the £100 charge would be reduced to £60 if he paid early."

"I find the whole situation unreasonable, as I was only trying to pay my way to the same company and the letter they sent did not take any of this into account.

"I did not expect to at any point, nor did I, park for free and abuse their facilities.

"The notice was not clear that I was to park in another car park and with the machine and company being the same, I was sure that this was okay.

"In my opinion, the company isn't being proactive in fixing 'not in use' machines or making their expected procedures clear as they are profiteering from the fines they are issuing.

"If ten cars were to park there in an hour that's £10 in parking charges, if the machine isn't in use and they issue fines to all those customers that's £1000!"

Billy says he's been forced to shop elsewhere since the incident, taking "custom away from a much-loved local market".

"I wonder how many people got fines that day, it being market day," he added.

"I believe that my case is not an isolated incident.

"However only a few of us may keep receipts and photographs, my worry is that these companies are driving away a number of people from the already struggling market."

A representative for Excel Parking Services Ltd said: "The Brad's Bar pay and display car park enables drivers to park provided that they comply with the terms and conditions set out on the signage at the location.

"A key condition is that a valid purchase of the appropriate tariff is made no later than 10 minutes after entry to the car park; this is clearly specified on the signage.

"Upon further review we have agreed to cancel the charge in light of the motorist's attempts to purchase a ticket, albeit at a different site.

"We recommend users of the car park call our helpline number provided on our signage in such situations in future."

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #231 on: 09 July, 2021, 06:59:19 AM »

'Outrageous': Terry and Ann slapped with £100 fine after 7-minute stay as meter 'wouldn't take cash'
Ann Bonnett described the situation as 'ridiculous' after receiving the letter in the post

BySamuel Jones
06:00, 26 MAY 2021UPDATED08:20, 26 MAY 2021

Ann and Terry Bonnett from Stockton who were given a £100 fine

Parking up for seven minutes and discovering the machine wouldn't accept her cash, Stockton pensioner Ann Bonnett thought nothing of it and headed to a different spot.

But to her disgust an unwelcome £100 fine landed on her doormat around a week later - something she's branded "outrageous".

Mrs Bonnett, 85, had parked her car in the Dovecot Street car park in central Stockton as she took husband Terry, 87, for a haircut.

The Hartburn pair discovered the machine wouldn't take their coins and drove off, only to be left in disbelief that a Parking Eye camera had clocked them and they'd been slapped with a hefty fine despite being there mere minutes.

She told Teesside Live: "My husband couldn't get the money in, I couldn't get it in, it just would not accept it.

"My husband said we can't park here, we will have to go to another car park, which we did.

"Last week we got a parking ticket, it says (we stayed) seven minutes.

"We just couldn't get the money in, we just thought it was ridiculous.

"It says 'time in car park seven minutes'."

She added: "They said you can pay by mobile phone but we haven't got a mobile phone.

"If we had stayed there for two hours then fair enough.

"We tried £1 coins and £2 coins, we tried about 10 and it just wouldn't accept them."

A letter sent to the couple's home informed them they face a £100 fine for the seven-minute breach, or £60 if it's paid promptly.

Mrs Bonnett said she feels the fact they are elderly was not taken into consideration and described the situation as "outrageous".

A Parking Eye spokesman said: "The motorist appealed on the 20th , which has since been reviewed and the PCN has been cancelled."

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #232 on: 01 August, 2021, 10:52:47 AM »

Parking Eye says it follows 'strict' rules at RUH as Government backs crackdown on rogue operators
The company has come in for widespread criticism since it took over the car parks at the Bath hospital

ByAmanda Cameron-bathSenior reporter
17:30, 30 JAN 2018UPDATED17:32, 30 JAN 2018

The company which runs parking at the RUH has said it abides by a “strict code of practice” in the wake of news of a planned Government clampdown on shady private car parking operators.

Parking Eye has come in for widespread criticism from Bath residents since it began operating at the Royal United Hospital.

Numerous staff, visitors and patients have complained of being fined “unfairly” while parking at the hospital in Weston.

This week, the Government announced it will support new legislation aimed at raising standards in the private parking industry.

Under the plans, a stringent new code of practice will be developed by the secretary of state in conjunction with motorists’ groups and other experts.

Those falling foul of the rules would then be blocked from getting drivers' information from the DVLA and issuing fines, effectively forcing them out of the industry.

A spokesman for Parking Eye said: “We have always been a member of the British Parking Association (BPA) and follow its strict code of practice in all the car parks we manage on behalf of our clients.

“Our clients’ parking, in areas such as hospital emergency units and retail operations, does need to be monitored to ensure that patients and customers can effectively access services.

“We welcome any additional government legislation that aims to drive consistency and improve processes across the entire private parking sector.”

The BPA did not respond to the Chronicle’s request for comment.

Bath resident Brenda Richards was so infuriated at being fined £80 for parking at the RUH in July 2017 that she was prepared to go to court.

Mrs Richards had been visiting a very ill friend when she found she was unable to pay at two machines operated by Parking Eye.

The 77-year-old said that she and her husband tried to pay three times at one machine and once at another before giving up and leaving with four receipts marked “card void”.

A week later, the Fairfield Park couple received an “invoice” from Parking Eye telling them they owed £80 because they had not paid for the 66 minutes their white Kia Sportage spent in the hospital car park on July 25.

They appealed the fine, first with Parking Eye, then with independent adjudicator POPLA – Parking On Private Land Appeals - but both were turned down.

At the time, Mrs Richards said she was determined not to pay the fine. “I presume they will take me to court,” she said. “I’ll go.”

The Bath Chronicle has contacted Mrs Richards to find out what happened.

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #233 on: 01 August, 2021, 11:04:58 AM »

Councillor slates difficulty paying for parking at The Mall shopping centre in Maidstone run by YourParkingSpace

By Alan Smith
Published: 06:00, 29 June 2021 | Updated: 15:52, 30 June 2021

A councillor has slammed a town centre shopping centre's new parking system after becoming the latest motorist to grapple with the troublesome system.

Since February the 1,050-place car park has been run by a new operator, YourParkingSpace, which did away with the barriers on exit and introduced new digital methods of payment.

Motorists now have the choice of paying at the car park using a touch-screen kiosk or after they leave by paying online or using a mobile phone app, with the company using ANPR technology to determine the correct fee.

But by May it emerged that a number of people had received demands for a £100 fixed penalty charge, even though they had paid the fee.

John Jenner, 74, from Hedley Road, Maidstone, was among those who received a £100 demand, even though he had paid his £2 charge with his bank card.

One man had received seven penalty charges

Later Grant Robbins, the senior account manager at, said the problem was caused by people entering the incorrect vehicle registration number.

John Jenner with £100 Penalty Charge Notice

He said: "This has affected just a small percentage of customers - under 1.5%, with over 98.5% of customers entering their correct vehicle registration when paying."

However he said the company would look to introduce improvements such as sending an SMS notification to customers who enter a vehicle registration when paying which didn’t match any vehicle registration picked up by the cameras.

Cllr Margaret Rose seems to have had a different problem paying her £2 fee.

She said: "I found the ticket machines in The Mall impossible to use as they kept saying: 'Sorry can’t be used, try our app.'

"I went home and tried to access the app. I was able to get onto the website, but found it mostly about booking car park spaces rather than help to pay the parking fee.

"Eventually I did get to parking payments. I input all my information and expected to be able to pay in the usual way by contact link with my bank. I then found that this method through the app was unavailable to me."

Cllr Margaret Rose: I couldn't pay

Cllr Rose was concerned that she too would get a £100 fine and set about contacting the company.

She said: "At first they denied there had been any problems, but when I pointed out they had already admitted to KentOnline that there had been, they agreed to waive my fee.

"But even now I'm half expecting a fine to land on my doorstep."

Cllr Rose said: "I found the whole situation a total fiasco and as a councillor, I am very concerned that residents and visitors to Maidstone are having to face these difficulties

On Tuesday last week, the company held an online forum with customers, staff and stakeholders to "learn more about what is and isn’t working well with parking at The Mall."

Paying for parking at The Mall in Maidstone

Mr Robbins said: "Surveying our customers following each major site launch is a process we always follow.

"As a company focused on customer satisfaction, we are constantly looking for feedback to help us improve and streamline the parking experience.

"We were keen to discuss what members felt worked well, and areas they had difficulty with when parking at The Mall."

Mr Robbins said: "To combat the issues experienced by a small handful of drivers a few months ago, we’re updating the parking kiosks enabling them to auto-populate car registration numbers, alleviating the chance of a driver entering the wrong registration number."

"We’re also increasing the ways in which a driver can receive their receipt when paying for their parking session.

Parking notices at The Mall in Maidstone

"Parkers at The Mall can now receive a receipt by SMS as well as by email."

He said The Mall has seen an increase in shoppers.

"We’ll be looking at pushing AutoPay so that registered customers are billed automatically rather than needing to pay for each individual parking session and we’re exploring ways of working with local stores to drive footfall to them with discounted parking for their customers."

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #234 on: 18 August, 2021, 09:16:34 AM »

3rd August 2021

Dozens appeal against parking fines at Five Valleys Centre
By Huw Mabe

The Five Valleys Centre car park, one of the new pay and display machines and Rachel Pegler with her parking fine

DOZENS of shoppers claim to have been wrongly issued parking fines at the Five Valleys Centre in Stroud.

A number of angry motorists have taken to social media to complain about the £100 fines, which are reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. They have had varying degrees of success in appealing against the fines, with some vowing to go to POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals).

In many cases drivers say fines were issued weeks afterwards, meaning they had already disposed of their ticket.

They insist they paid and displayed tickets in the correct manner and left within the allocated time.

In November, the Five Valleys Centre introduced a new Automatic Number Plate Recognition system at the car park, as well as contactless methods of payment.

Since then the multi-storey has been managed by Creative Parking Ltd, with customers needing to enter their full registration number into the new pay and display machines, unless paying by phone.

Stroud artist Rachel Pegler is one of those challenging a fine.

A few days ago she received a £100 penalty notice after using the car park in June.

“I haven’t got the ticket as it was so long ago I’ve thrown it away,” she said.

“I’ve not had any problems previous to this so can only assume it’s some kind of error.

"I was really quite shocked to learn that the same thing has happened to many other people.”

Andy Coombes, 64, from Ebley said he had received a fine more than a month after parking at the Five Valleys Centre.

After finding his old ticket by chance Andy was able to successfully appeal the fine but said he thinks the parking machines are difficult to use and that he would not be parking there again.

A spokesperson for Dransfield Properties, which manages the Five Valleys Centre but not the car park, said: “We are sorry to hear that some customers have had a negative experience when using our car park.

"This is not the standard of service we aim to provide, and we would like to reassure everyone that we are working closely with the company that manage our car park to support our customers.

“We strongly recommend anyone who has a query regarding their Parking Charge Notice should go through the appeals process in the first instance.”

"Please head over to the ‘Parking’ section of our website where you can find detailed information, including a user-friendly video, on how to use our pay and display machines and the terms and conditions of using the multistorey car park.

"Also, look out for the Five Valleys customer service team who are on site 7 days a week and are always available to assist with any issues or queries."

Creative Parking Ltd were approached for comment but were unable to provide a statement.

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #235 on: 21 August, 2021, 10:45:16 PM »
Why do you think they wait so long before sending out these so called fines? I suggest that the reason
is because they know that most people will have thrown their tickets away after they have left the car park and so will not have any proof that they have paid. Call me cynical if you like.

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #236 on: 22 August, 2021, 10:01:33 PM »
Call me cynical if you like.

Ok. You're cynical.

You're also spot on.

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
« Reply #237 on: 05 September, 2021, 05:56:52 AM »

Man gets £100 parking fine after entering wrong car reg on car park ticket machine
He says he entered his details correctly but the car park's machines have no way to show this

ByFinvola Dunphy
10:03, 1 SEP 2021

A driver says he was left with an "astounding" fine after being accused of entering his details incorrectly in a car park ticket machine.

Kanti Lad, 65, says he is sure he was correct but was given a 'Parking Charge Notice' of £100 for not entering the car registration number in full or correctly.

The tickets from the machine at the site in Leicester don't show the registration on them so his family says they have no way of proving they paid for the correct vehicle.

The son, who wishes to remain anonymous told LeicestershireLive, is challenging the ticket on his father's behalf: "My parents paid for an hour and we still have the ticket. They displayed the ticket clearly in the car.

"A week or so later a letter came through the post saying they had not entered the registration number correctly and they are seeking a stupid amount of money for their mistake.

"How would they even know if they made mistake entering it, if the number is not displayed?"

They still have the ticket for the time they were at the car park, but no registration number is displayed. The son maintains that his parents drove into the car park at 14.09pm, purchased a ticket and displayed it, before leaving at 14.41pm that day.

The driver's son said he contacted Gladstone Solicitors, whose client is Parallel Parking Ltd, the firm which runs the car park.

"I have had conversations on the phone and emails to and from the solicitor of the firm. It seems they don't want to know and want them to pay the astounding amount," he added

LeicestershireLive has seen the response from Gladstone Solicitors which states that "no ticket was recorded against the full and exact vehicle registration number."

The firm did however, say that their Client, Parallel Parking Ltd is willing to accept a settlement of £140 "without prejudice" as a gesture of good will.

LeicestershireLive has contacted Gladstone Solicitors for further information about this incident and are awaiting a reply.

"It is so upsetting that people who do the right thing are being fined like this," added Mr Lad.

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
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5th October 2021

Blue badge holders faced with parking fines from Cherry Tree Shopping Centre

Elderly and disabled motorists are being hit with fines from a Liscard shopping centre car park despite being blue badge holders.

In August this year, Smart Parking took over the car park at Cherry Tree Shopping Centre.

Previously, Cherry Tree allowed blue badge holders to use the disabled car parking spaces free of charge and said badge holders would still be eligible for free parking for up to three hours after new handover.

Legal adviser, Leanne Daly, has been helping residents with discrimination claims against the company after numerous where hit with £100 fines.

Leanne told the Globe: “People were driving into the car park, seeing the sign that says they just need to display their badge and then not getting a ticket.

“But with the new system, if you don’t purchase a ticket and enter your full correct registration into their machines, the cameras, which don’t recognise blue badges, will capture your license plate and automatically send a fine to your home address.”

Leanne said fines can take up to a month to come through meaning residents are left unaware of their mistakes until much later.

She said: “People might have parked in Cherry Tree four or five times before they’ve even realised that something is wrong.

“I’ve helped people who have racked up multiple fines and are being told they owe hundreds of pounds.”

Despite the car park signs informing residents displaying their blue badge is enough, to avoid the fine, residents have to alert smart parking that they are registered blue badge holders either online or via the Cherry Tree office.

Leanne said: “A lot of people who are being hit by these fines are elderly and don’t have access to a smart phone or the internet to register that they’re a blue badge holder.

“The office for Cherry Tree is up a flight of stairs with no lift so it’s impossible for a lot of badge holders to even access.

“That’s discrimination because it’s making it less fair for a disabled person to use the carpark because they’re more likely to end up with a charge which may or may not get cancelled.”

Leanne said she has helped over 60 local people contact Cherry Tree and Smart Parking to help appeal against the fines.

She said: “There are people I’ve helped that have been slapped with £300 worth of fines and then are having to appeal and worry for months if they are going to have to pay it or not.

“Those people have been put through an ordeal that they shouldn’t have to experience in the first place.

“People are getting really worried and confused. It’s a lot for people to process.”

Leanne has been helping residents through a Facebook group where those affected can share their experiences and offer support to one another.

She said: “A lot of people are coming to me worried that because of these fines they’re going to get something on their record and they’re not tech savvy so don’t have a clue where to start with appealing it.

“There’s quite a lot of people in vulnerable positions. They see this legal letter and get scared so I’m just hoping I can level the playing field and put it in everyday language for people.”

In response to the complaints, Cherry Tree Shopping Centre posted on social media: “Cherry Tree Shopping Centre is aware that some Blue Badge Holders have been sent Parking Charge Notices in error by our tenant, Smart Parking.

“We are presently working with Smart Parking to resolve this issue permanently, but in the meantime should any Blue Badge Holder receive a Parking Charge Notice they will be able to get this cancelled by following the appeals process on the back of the letter.

“As part of the appeal process, you will be required to upload a copy of your Blue Badge to Smart Parking's website and this file should be less than 3mb or the website will not accept it.

“We understand that these notices will have caused concern to our customers and would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused. Should anyone require any further information, please email”

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Re: Proof that ANPR cameras in car parks don't work
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People 'ripped off' by parking enforcement company outside Concourse in Skelmersdale

“People are frightened and pay the fine because they are intimidated," says a local councillor in Skelmersdale.

People outside a popular West Lancs shopping centre are being ripped off by a parking enforcement company in a ‘trap and sting’ operation, it has been claimed.

West Lancashire Borough Councillor Neil Furey has slammed parking enforcement company ‘Smart Parking’ for its procedures for issuing fines at the car park outside the Concourse Shopping Centre in Skelmersdale.

He is accusing the company of issuing £100 parking fines for overstaying the permitted five hours to people who use the car park twice in one day, by using photos taken of their first entrance and last exit times.

The Skelmersdale North councillor says the practice is called ‘double dipping’ and is ‘ripping people off’ as well as damaging business at the retail park.

He said: “It’s been going on for three years, and it’s an absolute and utter con. They will deny it, of course.

“There are hundreds of cases like this in Skelmersdale, and people are being ripped off.

"Motorists should be aware that Smart Parking are using trap and sting tactics to issue motorists with £100 penalty charge notices.

“People are frightened and pay the fine because they are intimidated. It’s generally affecting people who don’t stay over five hours, but who make two trips in one day because they are picking people up or shopping.

“I have been in this ongoing battle for several years about the enforcement of restrictions. Parking is free at the Concourse, and people have five hours, but there are many cases where people are making two trips to the Concourse, and the parking company is looking at the first trip and picking up the point of entry to the car park then using the exit point when people have returned for a second trip, and then putting those on a penalty charge notice and sending it out.”

Citing cases of people being hit by parking fines who worked at the Concourse and had returned later in the day to do some shopping, or people who had returned to fast food restaurants later in the same day, he said, “It’s known as double dipping and it’s bad practice.

Now he is calling for the entire parking enforcement operation and restrictions to be lifted, saying that there is no need for them at the shopping centre, and accusing the Concourse managers of turning a blind eye.

He added: “There is no need to have this enforcement operation at the Concourse, and there is no need to have Action Number Recognition Plate images taken.

“The Concourse do not want to know – they pass it on to Smart Parking but it is happening on their watch.

“It’s unpopular, word has got around and some people are frightened of going there because of the cameras.

“It’s absolute and utter madness, this double dipping, and I stand by my allegations.

“Car parking has always been free and there’s no need to limit the number of hours there at the Concourse. It’s a money making racket.”

Parking enforcement company Smart Parking and the Concourse Shopping Centre were both contacted for comment.


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