Author Topic: Connell Crescent $chunt - Thursday 19th November 2015  (Read 2372 times)

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Connell Crescent $chunt - Thursday 19th November 2015
« on: 22 November, 2015, 11:08:34 AM »
It was just me and Mr Mustard in attendance and we arrived a little late due to a passing rain storm that hit just before we were due to leave our new favourite eatery. Once we arrived however, we were into action staright away and managed to stop one driver from committing the offence just as we dismounted from our bikes.

It was pretty standard fare after that and it is still disappointing to note the general ignorance of what the signs actually mean. The blank look you get when you ask a motorist if they know what the signs mean is becoming disappointingly familiar.

Still getting lots of thumbs up and toots from the regulars, and one gent pulled over to thank us and to say he wished there were more public spirited people like us about. "God bless you" was his parting remark.

Another bloke I stopped from having to pay the £130 toll reckoned I'm "a legend" and insisted on shaking my hand.

All in all it was a good day's work and I went home with that familiar warm feeling in my stomach. On the other hand Mr Mustard may have had the same warm feeling in his stomach, but his comparative inexperience at $chunting during the cold weather showed when he realised the benefit of a hat and gloves (which he vowed to bring next time) when you are standing on a wet and windy corner for 4 hours.  ;)

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Re: Connell Crescent $chunt - Thursday 19th November 2015
« Reply #1 on: 22 November, 2015, 01:21:02 PM »
You are a legend is why.

I won't forget the hat and gloves next time but I'll probably forget my whistle or leaflets (as on previous occasions).

I never seem to forget to buy something in Boden (a cashmere cardigan for a lady friend this time) this $chunting lark is costing me a packet but I have the warm glow of saving other motorists far more than I spend on clothes.

I also did a consultation in the very road >7pm for a young lad who picked up 5 PCN, one cancelled, 3 coming up to the tribunal in December and one at charge certificate stage (which I can fix).

It was another fun afternoon but if it gets wetter and colder drivers may have to fend for themselves.

Even when we aren't there we have an effect as people who were caught or stopped once have an image of us in their memory (as one lady stopped to tell me) which stops them from repeating the mistake.