Author Topic: Medway $chunt 23/3/11  (Read 1387 times)

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Medway $chunt 23/3/11
« on: 23 March, 2011, 11:02:05 PM »
A fine turn out today with Blinky, MG, Bomber, TomTom and myself.

Have to say the new vests with the "V" look superb and give people a much better idea of what we're about. Good work everyone.

I arrived at the Pen first with one car parked up inside. Sadly that was where it stayed all day. I know 'cos Blinky, TomTom and I all stayed there with it. But what a lovely day to sit around doing nothing, dressed in full leathers, etc etc.

We had to stay like that cos when one of the cars shot out of the pen, MG and Bomber barely had time to switch engines on before they were off and $chunting. 

And it was a good job the other car didn't come out cos poor old Tom's 3-wheel scoot decided it didn't want to play. Flattening battery meant it wouldn't start and after the AA man had started him the front suspension lock wouldn't allow him to move anywhere. This caused the engine to stall but the battery hadn't charged enough to get it started again. Eventually after calling for recovery I went home for a set of jump leads which a) got the bike started and b) freed the suspension lock somehow.  :aplude:

Just as we were about to set off to make sure Tom got back home OK, MG and bomber arrived back at the pen with car 09, so I'm sure a report of what happened to the moving bikes will follow.

I later popped into the pen at about 7pm, just as MG and Spica were going out for a night $chunt. It looked like only one car was coming out to play since MG reported the other had a bag over the camera.  I wonder if they've blown that one up too.
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Re: Medway $chunt 23/3/11
« Reply #1 on: 23 March, 2011, 11:53:56 PM »
Hi Guys,                                  Just to let you know Headlong is physic or is that psycho :pmsl:

Headlong! how did you know that car wasn't coming out today?.....Headlong tells me its just a feeling in his stomach!!!
he was right it didn't come out all day W:T:F: spooky,, just spooky HL
......An interesting day, after cancelling the (cough) I didn't realize that i had forgot to let poor Bomber & Kiwi know it was cancelled,, Whoops @ Bomber and Tom turned up as well, lucky I hadn't frozen the bacon yet!, so yummy toasted sarnies all round, we ventured over to the pen, Headlong already waiting for us, a few member's of the public stop to chat and told us how great we were  :aplude: :dancing:...11.30 Bomber and myself took off with a $car and didn't get back until 3.00 :o think Bomber was a bit taken back with all the public support, and the virtually non stop riding!! :pmsl:.
Met Headlong and Tomster at the pen, Blinky had left for the school run. me and Bomber popped out for lunch and when we got back the car we had was gone, but it was assisting at a school, so we went and had a cuppa and Bomber left at 4.20
Met back at the pen at 6.45 with Spica and assisted until the $car was nicely tucked up at 9.30 The driver we had tonight was outstanding with his driving! He is an example to other's. :aplude:

Thank you headlong, Blinky, Tomster, Spica  :aplude: :aplude:

MG  ;D
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Re: Medway $chunt 23/3/11
« Reply #2 on: 24 March, 2011, 03:29:06 AM »
Highlights of the day for me today were the "Team" MG, Blinky, Headlong, Bomber,  (What a great Bunch !)  The Fabulous Bacon Sarnies, Medway Blue Skies, and some (at last) warm sunshine.     :D
The missing ingredient for me was a SCHunt, although had my turn arrived, I would have had to watch Headlong and Blinky disappear in a cloud of dust as my Battery decided to fail, not only dis-allowing my engine to start but also locking my front suspension as well.   The nice AA man Boosted my battery for me and then tested it and produced a paper slip which he thrust into my hand, the words written on the paper sternly advised. " REPLACE BATTERY"   :rotfl:  !  My engine at last running and after a wave to the AA man goodbye, I discovered there was not enough power left to unlock the suspension enabling me to ride away !   
Headlong to the Rescue !  :aplude:    with Jump Leads and some more perseverance, the locked suspension eventually released me, but not before having to book a further AA Relay Recovery  and I sped homewards with three wheels on my wagon,  escorted by Headlong.    Many Thanks Mate !
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