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Ealing - Connell Crescent $chunt - Thursday 21st January 2016
« on: 25 January, 2016, 03:50:03 PM »
I had planned to meet Mr Mustard at around midday at a library somewhere in Ealing Broadway (the reasons for visiting the library will be revealed later), but as usual I was running late when I finally turned off the North Circular onto Uxbridge Road which leads to where I wanted to be.

Having consulted Googlemaps I knew that Ealing Broadway was a fairly long road, but I was confident that I would easily spot the library as I was going along. I was wrong.

I knew I had gone a fair distance, but I wasn't sure how far I had gone down the Broadway so I stopped and asked someone where the library was. I was directed round some back streets, which I thought was a bit odd, but I was confident that I had found the right place. Wrong again. I had found Hanwell library.

So it was back to the main drag and as I headed back towards Ealing I stopped again to ask someone where the Ealing library was on Ealing Broadway. "Ah yes" said the man, "you would have missed it when you went past because it is tucked away behind some shops just off the Broadway." Off I went again and followed his directions, confident in the knowledge that I would be meeting up with Mr M within mere minutes. I was wrong. Again. :bashy:

When I arrived outside the West Ealing library there was limited parking as its front is on a pedestrianised piece of road, so I gave Mr M a call to find out where he had parked, since I could see no sign of his bike. After about 5 minutes of confusion we finally worked out that I was at the wrong library. Again. :bashy:

Armed with yet a further set of directions I set off towards the centre of Ealing, fully expecting that with Mr M's guidance I would be with him in a few short minutes after arrival. I was wrong. Again. :bashy:

After going past the main parade of shops where I thought the library was located I stopped again to ask for directions. I had indeed passed where I should have stopped and it transpired that I had also passed Mr M's bike parked opposite the entrance to the shopping mall within which the library was situated. So off I went again on a lap of the one way system where I once again completely failed to spot the entrance or Mr M's bike. I knew I was within touching distance of the place and would have been tearing my hair out if I still had any! <bashy2> :bashy:

Eventually I found my way to the multi storey car park where I was assured by yet another helpful chap I would find the library entrance situated on the first level. I was in the process of driving round on the first level looking for the entrance when my phone rang and Mr M announced that he had done what he needed to do and was on his way back to his bike. I wanted to meet him so that we could ride to the cafe together, so he stayed on the line to talk me in. However, even then I managed to come out of the wrong exit of the car park and had to work my way round to where I had come in so that I could do another lap of the one way system to meet up with Mr M. :bashy:

Then, after one final lap to get us back onto the Broadway it was off to the New Atlas to meet Coco for some lunch before setting off to $chunt at Connell Crescent.

Because we had arrived late at the cafe, we also arrived late at CC at about 3.10pm. We got our usual thank yous and thumbs up etc, together with the equally usual parade of motorists complaining that they had received a ticket/tickets.

One particularly pretty and articulate young Antipodean lady expressed some very definite views on Ealing council's activities when she pulled over and explained to the world at large that “Ealing council are a bunch of thieving f*#!ing a#$*holes!”

Two vehicles did manage to get past us, but since they were a police car and a fire engine attending the blaze that had been started in the hotel car park near to where we stand, I'm certain that they won't be paying any tickets, even if the council are stoopid enough to issue them in the first place.

One poor resident reported to me that after getting done for 2 tickets in the early days of enforcement, he had recently got 2 more because he normally uses the road outside of the operational period on a daily basis, and had forgotten entirely when his routine had changed on a couple of days over the Christmas period.

Mr M had a date with a pub quiz which saw him shoot off a bit early, and it was while me and Coco were finishing off our shift that we were approached by a couple of gents who turned out to be plain clothed coppers from the local nick. I had previously spoken to one of them on an earlier $chunt when he was in his uniform and he reiterated his support for the cause. He said that many of his colleagues know all about us too and are also very supportive of what we do.

At 7pm on the dot we shut up shop having stopped only 36 motorists (we class these as "definite saves") from contravening the alleged restriction. However, we all agreed that many others who would have gone through if we were not there, and they would no doubt take a chance at a later date.

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Re: Ealing - Connell Crescent $chunt - Thursday 21st January 2016
« Reply #1 on: 26 January, 2016, 12:49:52 PM »
One has to say that at least Ealing Council are putting all this extra PCN revenue to good use keeping all those libraries open for Bald Eagle to take a tour of. In some boroughs it's a struggle to find one open and BE found 2 and a half. In the future if the Bald Eagle landed in Barnet at a proposed new self service library he wouldn't find a librarian, perhaps a volunteer but more likely he would need his library card and pin in order to obtain access to a slef service building of a mere 540 sq ft and so as a non-resident, goodbye. No keeping warm, no use of the toilet (locked if not staff present) no-one to help a distraught motorcyclist.

Ealing Central library, although hidden from the passing sight of hairy motorcylists, is once you find it hidden on the first floor above shops and next to the car park, a gem of a place. There are lots of computers which were being heavily used and plenty of tables for student use. The archives are extensive and the archivists were very helpful. Mr Mustard is now well briefed upon the development of the Hanger Green / Connell Crescent area and has sent the council a little surprise (big shock) via the tribunal website. There will be more information once he sees the next tribunal decision.

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Re: Ealing - Connell Crescent $chunt - Thursday 21st January 2016
« Reply #2 on: 19 January, 2017, 07:37:37 PM »
Good work Mr Mustanrd and Bald Eagle.  I am in receipt of one of these nasty fines and have read all of your arguments.  I am now contemplating whether to go to the adjudicator, but I have another couple of points to argue and wondered whether it is worth presenting them.  Can I ask you opinion please?
1) As soon as I realised my 'mistake', I did a 3 point turn and drove out of Connell Crescent.  The CCTV photos sent by the council, clearly show my break lights on, just a short distance after passing the restricted entry sign.  I had asked the council if they would consider cancelling the fine on this basis.  Computer said 'no'.
2) I also asked the council to supply me further footage, with the time stamp a few seconds later, demonstrating that I stopped immediately and turned around.  They have not sent this to me.
3)In turning down my appeal, they have sent me a number of pages, which include a local map with an 'x', 2 arrows and a map marker.  There is no map key and so I haven't a clue what this is meant to indicate.  Perhaps there is buried treasure, in which case maybe I should go an dig.

Since this road hasn't been posted about for a while, I wonder if the council is now winning its cases? Any advice much appreciated. 

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Re: Ealing - Connell Crescent $chunt - Thursday 21st January 2016
« Reply #3 on: 20 January, 2017, 11:06:13 AM »
Subject to Mr Mustard's "surprise" for Ealing Council, I believe that the issues regarding signage etc at Connell Crescent were resolved in the Council's favour :-( If the discount is still available, I would pay up, but wait a short while to see if Mr M can come up with something.

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Re: Ealing - Connell Crescent $chunt - Thursday 21st January 2016
« Reply #4 on: 25 January, 2017, 07:33:21 PM »
The adjudicator who heard about 30 cases at the same time had no truc with any of my arguments. A review was refused and a judicial review in the High Court is not really a financially feasible option. There is no argument about the location which will currently work (and I cannot appear amy longer for this location for fear of a costs order for frivolous behaviour) but I have a new argument. It is rather long but it concerns councils issue computer generated pcn without a human being having looked at the footage first and decided that a contravention did occur. That was another consolidated hearing (a different adjudicator heard it) on 12 January followed by the adjudicator going on holiday, and probably taking the cases papers with him to read on the beach, and a decision expected in about a week's time. If that day is won there will be hell to pay in many councils (some like Brent are still old school and a person watches you as you sit in a box junction etc so they can relax but the ones who have gone hi-tech may be in for a bumpy ride). Send an email to and a copy of my 2 page argument will be sent to Fedupwithfine.

Sorry for the delay, have too many PCN to deal with. None are mine despite trying to get them!