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**** off elsewhere: note left to student nurse who had car scratched in parking row

THREAT: Student nurse Jess Alcock who received a threatening note after parking in a residential road in Poole. Her car was also damaged.

 A YOUNG student nurse found her car had been scratched and left with a threatening note telling her to “**** off” after parking on a residential road in Poole.

Jess Alcock, 22, who lives near Blandford Forum, travels to Poole to work at the hospital. To avoid paying for parking all day, Jess has parked in various nearby roads including the quiet cul-de-sac Jellicoe Close.

However she says she will never park there again after she alleges that a resident scratched her car and left an obscene note warning her to leave or risk more damage to her grey Seat Ibiza when she returned to it after work last week.

Meanwhile residents have spoken of their ‘disgust’ at the damage but said that there was an issue with people parking across their driveways.

The note, which was left under one of the windscreen wipers, read: “Hi, parking there makes both corners dangerous.

“You’ve no thought for those getting in and out opposite you. F*** off elsewhere.

“Stop being a moron and avoid scratch repair. Much love all at Jellicoe Close xxx.”

Jess, who works as an operating department practitioner assisting surgeons in theatre, said that she felt “quite threatened.”

“I spotted the note first and then after reading it saw that someone had delicately scratched my car on top of the bonnet,” she said.

 “The note was really aggressive and the whole thing has made me really quite nervous about where to park in future.

“I understand it can be annoying to have people take up parking spots on your street but I was parked legally and wasn’t blocking anyone in.

“Finding somewhere to park in Poole that isn’t costly can be really difficult and to be honest I didn’t think I was hurting anyone by parking there.

“But for someone to react in this way and leave me a threatening note as well as deliberately causing damage to my car is bullying behaviour and intentionally nasty.

Dorset Police confirmed that they were called to reports of the car being vandalised in Jellicoe Close and a note left on the vehicle.

They are investigating. No arrests have been made.

'Parking issue in the area', say residents

Jellicoe Close resident, Gillian Lawrence, told the Daily Echo: “We only knew about it when the police knocked on our door to ask about it. It’s disgusting.”

Jan Hayter, 62, said: “It’s awful. There is a parking issue, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know who did this. There’s no need for it. I think it’s a problem getting in and out of your driveway. But I don’t see there was any need for swearing or keying somebody’s car.”

Tara Wilkins, 45, said: “That note has not come from all of us because the first I heard was when the police came round knocking on people’s doors. We do have problems here. I don’t drive, but even I know not to park on a T-junction. Some days you’re lucky if a bin lorry can get down our road.” Another homeowner said: “Some cars do block drives. It’s been going on for years.”


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