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'Traffic wardens are human beings, only immeasurably less so' Mischievous prankster puts up parking sign

A PRANKSTER who has a bone to pick with traffic wardens has put up a road sign calling them “the thieving front line army of Barnet Council”.

The sign has appeared in Woodcote Avenue, Mill Hill, carrying the logo of Barnet Homes who are responsible for housing and planning in the borough.

Barnet Homes maintain has been photoshopped by the Times Series can confirm it is 100 per cent real.

The sign goes on to say traffic wardens are "human beings. Like you or I. Only immeasurably less so.”

Derek Dishman, who writes a blog about parking and roads in Barnet under the name ‘Mr Mustard’, believes the sign is in protest to traffic wardens giving out tickets to unaware drivers along the road.

He said: “Traffic wardens have an unpopular job, akin to taxmen and estate agents in the popularity stakes, and earn about £8 to £10 an hour depending on their length of service.

“They get roundly abused which isn't the way to behave. Some traffic wardens are decent and straightforward but others walk away rather than talk to you which is rude and some pounce on motorists in a predatory way.

“They do their colleagues a disservice by acting in an underhand manner.

“Why traffic wardens are so keen is a question I would love to know the answer to.”

Woodcote Avenue is a ‘Past This Point’ area, meaning that signs indicate certain restrictions in place for driving and parking on entry to the street.

A spokesperson for Barnet Homes who was not named said: “To confirm, this is not a Barnet Homes’ originated sign and we regret unpleasant misrepresentation of this kind.”

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I wonder if the spokesweasel regrets the unpleasant misrepresentation that enforcement is all about traffic management and safety, or that the Council have considered your representations, or how satisfied the Council are? I can talk unpleasant misrepresentations with weasels as long as they like.

Appealing to the council is like playing chess with a pigeon. You might be a chess grand master but the pigeon will always knock all the pieces over, shit on the board and then strut around triumphantly.


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