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Pat Pending:
Brent Pig Pen and Car Pound    Pyramid House   Fourth Way Wembley.

Pat Pending:
We should not try to $chunt Brent untill we have carried out the necessary introduction to the Police and drivers.
The one $car myself and BE saw leave the depot today at lunch time was a driver only.   

yeah pat good Idea,
when we started in Islington first day was spent with drivers distressed and trips to police station. 
Of course cops told them to bugger off and after quick chat with drivers everyone was happy   :dancing:
will brent drivers be so friendly?
hope so

Kill Switch:
Nice work Pat and BE, that ws a quick find  :aplude: :aplude:

Pat Pending:
Armchair $chunting KS plus a bit of luck, Brent only have one car pound and its not far from the town hall.
So we looked at the town hall and thought it was not too hopeful then went to the car pound which coincided with lunch time and bingo there they were.


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