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Would anyone care to guess what motivated the NSL Ltd CEO to do what she did? BTW there is a video on the website but I can't find how to put it on here so that it works. CLANGER ALERT!


Parking warden 'no longer employed' after ticket taken from car in Folkestone and landlord fined

The council has also apologised and cancelled the parking fine given to Kevin Gillespie

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A parking warden is no longer in post after a controversial incident was caught on camera outside Gillespie's in Folkestone .

CCTV footage appeared to show a parking warden remove a valid ticket so they could issue a fine , according to landlord Kevin Gillespie.

Mr Gillespie told Kent Live that he was "furious" and wanted to make sure that this "won't happen again to other people".

The 58-year-old's vehicle was parked in the council car park at the bottom of the Parade Steps overnight on March 16.

Pub landlord claims parking warden removed ticket to fine him in Folkestone 

It is free from 6pm until 8am but at 2.30am the following morning, Mr Gillespie paid £3 for a ticket and put it under the windscreen wiper of his car so that it it could be legally parked until 10.30am.

He woke up just after 10am and was sat outside talking to a regular when he spotted a parking attendant checking whether the cars had valid tickets.

Footage shows a member of staff buying the ticket and putting it on Kevin Gillespie's car (Image: Ian Scammell)

A member of staff then put new tickets on the cars and put another one on Mr Gillespie's.

He went back inside the pub but 10 minutes later, he was told that there was a parking ticket on his car, leading him to examine the "astonishing" CCTV footage.

The landlord of 21 years said that he met with a member of the council later that week who then took the CCTV footage away to be examined as part of the investigation.

One month on and Folkestone and Hythe District Council has since apologised to Mr Gillespie and cancelled his parking fine.

The council are meeting with Kevin Gillespie to review his CCTV footage (Image: Ian Scammell)

Parking enforcement in the town is contracted to private firm NSL Ltd. It claims to be the "UK's largest enforcement partner".

According to Folkestone and Hythe District Council, NSL conducted the investigation into the incident.

Kevin Gillespie believes he paid and displayed (Image: Ian Scammell)

NSL has since taken "appropriate action" and the parking warden is "no longer employed by the company".

They have also apologised to Mr Gillespie for the inconvenience caused by the incident.

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Now let me think.….wouldn't be anything to do with achieving their 9 PCNs per shift would it?

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Well, this is what you can expect when so called law enforcement is outsourced to private companies!  <bashy2>


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