Author Topic: BPA Ltd director admits council parking surpluses used to subsidise council tax  (Read 642 times)

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The following (below the article) is a Twitter exchange between the NoToMob (NTM), Mr Mustard (MM) and Manny Rasores de Toro (MRDT) (BPA Ltd Chair of Parking Technology June 2018 - June 2021 and BPA Director since August 2016)

Here is the article that sparked the Twitter exchange that led to the admission that councils routinely use parking surpluses to subsidise council tax.


Free parking in Glasgow city centre on Sundays to be scrapped in bid to fight congestion

Glasgow City Council want to reduce a build-up in traffic caused by drivers parking in spaces for the whole day.

Drivers in Glasgow city centre are to be forced to pay to park on a Sunday

Motorists in Glasgow city centre will be forced to pay to park on a Sunday after the council announced that free parking will be scrapped in a bid to battle congestion.

City council chiefs want to reduce the number of motorists parking in spaces for the whole day, which it claimed stifles the availability of parking spaces and creates a build-up of traffic as drivers search for somewhere to leave their vehicles.

From Sunday June 30, motorists will have to pay for on-street parking bays, which are currently free.

It is hoped the move will encourage more people to use public transport , walk or cycle.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "This new range of measures is about tackling parking bay blocking in the city centre on a Sunday.

"Many drivers currently park on the street on a Saturday night, leaving their vehicles unmoved until well into the next day.

"Other motorists also take up spaces for long spells throughout the day on a Sunday."

He added: "The new regulations will make Sunday on-street parking more frequently available to shoppers, visitors, tourists, blue badge holders and residents alike.

"Improved parking regulations are known to reduce congestion and this in turn should improve air quality in the city centre.

"The number of people walking and cycling to and from the city centre has been increasing in recent years and the new active travel infrastructure that is being put in place will helps us build upon this trend.

"We are also introducing new measures to give greater priority to buses, which will help to ensure a faster and more reliable service in and out of the city centre."

Once in effect, the charges for Sunday on-street parking will be the same as other days of the week.

The current charge for on-street parking is £1 for 15 mins, with a maximum stay of two hours.

As part of the new measures, a number of taxi ranks will be extended or introduced across the city centre.

Good vehicles will have a number of exemptions from the waiting and loading restrictions at a wide range of locations.

Drivers are advised to check local signs to ensure they are complying with the new arrangements.



Sooner or later, Councils and Businesses realise that free parking is not the silver bullet to save the town centre and requires even greater controls and management in order to prevent spaces being abused, avoid congestion and discourage all day #parking

simple to stop all day parking by having time limited bays - councils do not have to make a charge but they desperately want the revenue

Limited time #parking bays require a high level of enforcement in order to prevent more and more overstayiers and poor space rotation to please most users and local businesses. How do you propose this considerable cost is financed if there are no parking charges to pay for it?

Use some of Glasgow council's £20m+ annual parking surplus, thereby creating more jobs and taxpayers.

Parking surpluses are used by LA's on transport and highways related areas including maintenance and providing free public transport for the over 65's & If they use the funds for something else, the shortfall will need to come from council tax affecting all residents & businesses

Which is an admission that parking surpluses subsidise council tax

Who is talking about PCN's, the article and my comments referred to the problem caused by having free parking and that parking charges is a good and appropriate method to prevent congestion and encourage space rotation without Council tax payers having to subsidise car drivers.

"Who is talking about PCN's..."? Not us. You need to read tweets more carefully Manny. Putting your words into other's mouths is hardly "professional".

Sorry my mistake.

No problem.
It's refreshing to see a parking industry professional admit that LA parking surpluses are routinely used to subsidise council tax @DVLAgovuk @GregKnight @PeteWishart @CommonsTrans @racfoundation @AAPresident @halfon4harlowMP @KevinBrennanMP @LordLucasCD @jeremycorbyn[/color]


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