Author Topic: Latest KADO figures. Massive breaches of Data Protection Act/GDPR  (Read 402 times)

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Items of interest:

As well as private parking firms, access for a fee without checks has been given to the following categories:


anyone remember when Met police were helping bailiffs with roadside stops for unpaid civil pcn's?!

Access without checks for reasonable cause and without a fee has been given to BAILIFFS (enforcement agents) giving them the same access as police and Border Force/HMRC.

Private parking firms are accessing data ON BEHALF OF COUNCILS - illegal.

The Information Commissioner is on the ropes and claims she needs more time to consider this.

Part V
Disclosure of Information
27 Disclosure of registration and licensing particulars

(1) The Secretary of State may make any particulars contained in the register available for use--

[(a) (i) by a local authority for any purpose connected with the investigation of an offence,
(ii) by a local authority in Scotland, for any purpose connected with the investigation of a de- criminalised parking contravention, or
(iii) by a local authority in England and Wales, for any purpose connected with its activities as an enforcement authority within the meaning of Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004;]
[(aa) by the Department for Regional Development for any purpose connected with--
(i) the investigation of a contravention to which Schedule 1 to the Traffic Management (Northern Ireland) Order 2005 (contraventions subject to penalty charges) applies; or
(ii) the exercise of the Department's powers under Article 18(1)(b) or 21(1)(b) of that Order (immobilisation or removal of vehicles);]
(b) by a chief officer of police;
(c) by a member of the Police Service of Northern Ireland;
(d) by an officer of Customs and Excise . . .; . . .
[(da) on or after 30th April 2010 or the date of coming into force of section 144A of the 1988 Act (whichever is later), by the Motor Insurers' Bureau (being the company of that name incorporated on 14th June 1946 under the Companies Act 1929) for any purpose connected with the exercise of any of the functions of the Secretary of State relating to the enforcement of an offence under section 144A of the 1988 Act; or]
(e) by any person who can show to the satisfaction of the Secretary of State that he has reasonable cause for wanting the particulars to be made available to him.


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